Thursday 19 December 2013

Blind To Faith - Under The Heptagram (Review)

Album Type : EP
Date Released : 31/10/2013
Label : A389 Recordings

UNDER THE HEPTAGRAM, track listing :
1). Intro 04:31
2). Under the Heptagram 01:54
3). Burial of Mankind 04:17

Bio :

A389 Recordings confirms the Fall release of the malicious Under The Heptagram, the newest EP from European metalpunk henchmen BLIND TO FAITH. Featuring members of Rise And Fall, Reproach and Dutch cult legends Insult, BLIND TO FAITH fuses crushing influences from metal giants Celtic Frost and vintage death metal with depraved hardcore anger and morose punk persuasion of GG Allin and Eyehategod. A true soundtrack for a burning world.

BLIND TO FAITH will now unleash their most vicious cuts to date on October 1st via Baltimore-based A389 Recordings with Under The Heptagram, a three-song 12” EP, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (From Ashes Rise, Nails, Sleep) which will come with an etched B-side, in a limited run of 666 copies

Review :

If you look at the artwork for this new EP by Blind To Faith, it's fairly obvious that there is some love for Eyehategod there. And that queasy influence that we all know and love runs deeps within the ethos of their music. Quite obviously pissed off, and just as hard working, this band is definitely more of a hardcore act, but that punk feel and metallic groove are right there just beneath the surface on 'Under The Heptagram'.

As far as intro pieces go, 'Intro' is exceptional. In fact, even the intro to it is exceptional. Really moody and menacing and purely instrumental, it builds in a creeping manner before totally banging with full on disdain for anything even remotely resembling the mainstream. Truly underground and filthy as fuck, the guitar tone on this thing is huge. Just pure badassery in effect.

The title track is raw and repulsive, as alluded to by that cover art. Not fast, not slow, but rolling at the mid-pace with punk rock credentials firmly at the helm. The vocals are rough and ready, and you can picture some squat being sparked into a revolution somewhere as a consequence.

'Burial Of Mankind' is definitely a more pacey number, and incorporates some tasty Slayer overtones into it's heady mix of hardcore intensity. At around the half way mark it reverts backwards into an old school pit stomper, right before kicking back in for the home straight with some real horsepower energised drumming that seems to be trying to beat the riffs to the finish line.

I'm now even more pissed that I missed the Nails UK tour, as the direct support was said gang in question. I'm reliably informed (by Aaron) that BTF came to conquer, and armed with this kind of material I'm more than sure that they achieved this. A389 are on to another winner here, and fans of the likes of Integrity, EHG and any other kind of abrasively dark punked up racket should stand up and pay attention. Highly recommended.

Words by : Matt Fitton

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