Friday 27 December 2013

Noothgrush / Coffins – Split 12" (Review)

Album Type : Split
Date Released : 25/11/2013
Label : Southern Lord

NOOTHGRUSH / COFFINS – SPLIT, album track listing :
1). Noothgrush – Humandemic 03:26
2). Noothgrush – Jundland Wastes 04:55
3). Noothgrush – Thoth 09:01
4). Coffins – Drown in Revelation 06:24
5). Coffins – The Wretched Path 05:23

Review :

This will probably be the last split of the year that I do (apart from my world famous Christmas with Van Damme impression), and even among the company it'll keep in a year of monumental split releases it's still pretty damn special. I reviewed the latest Coffins record from earlier this year, and I loved it so much that it landed on my top 25 for 2013. When you add Noothgrush into the fray you know it's gonna go off like some kind of doom cherry bomb in an unsuspecting toilet. It'll be loud, noisy and more than likely a filthy experience.

It does not fail to impress.

When it comes to the Noothgrush tracks on display here (3 of the total 5), theirs is a less death and doom hybrid affair when compared to Coffins. Obviously still sounds deranged and choking, but a more classic unit by comparison. So begins 'Humandemic', with full on Sabbath style mood. Of course it isn't long before those sick grooves start to roll forth from the speakers. This kind of sludged up repetition of a fine riff is real meat and potatoes stuff, born of disappointment, regret and late nights in holes with whisky soaked clothes. All the truly fulfilling stuff that life can provide. It's a heavy jam, raw and blurry around the edges, and I love it.

The Coffins tracks are filled with more of that truly vicious style that was inflicted upon my ears to full effect on 'The Fleshland'. Like a far chuggier Autopsy, they plough forward like a tank in a field of assorted skulls, and 'Drown In Revelation' wastes very little time in establishing it's dominance. Zero fucking about, even the intro oozes absolute menace. And then it rips into some of the most obnoxiously loud and heavy riffing ever. Those skins sound like the birthing of spiteful cosmic entities; entirely lacking any forgiveness or remorse, and huge in every aspect. They are the very definition of brutal, and in an age where that word gets bounced around an awful lot, please believe me when I tell you that I am most definitely not exaggerating here.

Their other cut and closer of all festivities is 'The Wretched Path'. If anything a more straightforward and I do hesitate to say this, possibly upbeat side of Coffins is dragged out for your consideration. Don't get me wrong, it's hardly Kumbaya around a campfire, but it does almost channel the spirit of 'Holy Mountain' era Sleep, at least to this listener. Of course after you apply generous amounts of gargled vocals and lashings of malice it is a Coffins track, but there is far more groove up for grabs than you would normally expect. And they accomplish it with gusto, bobbing along at a rocking pace, kicking out a hideous jam. It's a sexy sounding slice of doom-mongering, and I heartily approve.

This is another vital split acquisition for this year of 2013. It probably won't shock you to hear that this is being put out on Southern Lord either, who went a whole 12 months without letting me down at all. Two great bands, one great split, flawless victory. Get your filthy paws on this tremendous tag team of despair today, lest you regret it tomorrow.

Words by :  Matt Fitton

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