Sunday 8 December 2013

War Wolf - Crushing The Ways Of The Old - Review

Crushing The Ways Of The Old LP cover art

War Wolf is a Crust/Doom/Punk/Metal Band from Brighton, UK

The members are: Oli. Paul. Ant.

 War Wolf is one mean, loud, angry and pissed off band. Any band that starts their album with a speech from British Cult Horror Classic - The Wicker Man - are not going to be singing about love and happiness. War Wolf are all about filthy and brutal riffs with demonic vocals to match.

Their debut LP - Crushing The Ways Of The Old - is a filth ridden monolithic slab of Crust, Doom, Hardcore and Metal all wrapped up in one brutal fucked up package. War Wolf unleash hell on earth on this awesome record. It's one mean pissed off ride that is the perfect soundtrack to the end of the world.

First track - Christianity (Is Dying) - is 3:42 minute blast of insane hardcore beats with plenty of Doom based menacing riffs providing War Wolf with a dark and dangerous edge. This song perfectly captures the true spirit of this highly original band.

War Wolf play fast paced songs that will leave you in state of shock. Hard-hitting riffs and lyrics that cut to the bone show War Wolf are a band not be fucked with. Songs such as The Upper Hand, Denial/Decline, Pro-Choice and Cave Dwellers show War Wolf are not afraid to piss off as many people as they can. But they do it in such a great way you can't help rocking out to it.

Punk, Crust, Doom, Metal and Hardcore. All the lovely ingredients that Sludgelord HQ love for a riff-tastic brutal as fuck album. War Wolf have delivered one of the hard-hitting debut albums of 2013. Second only to Primitive Man.

I must say this album does have a unique British feel to it with the band adding audio soundbytes from British Film and News Broadcasts which gives the album a contemporary modern day feel. Though this album will appeal to Metal Fans worldwide. It shows that War Wolf have a dark sly sense of humour to match the brilliant music on show.

This hard-rocking trio are tipped as one of the best hopes in the UK Metal scene and on this superb album it's not hard to see why. War Wolf prove they have a long future ahead of them. They may piss off a few people along the way. But Metal has always been about pushing boundaries and defying genre expectations. And with War Wolf they have delivered an album that is very hard to categorise. So lets say that Crushing The Ways Of The World is an action packed, loud, chaotic and brutal debut album you should all check out now.

I loved every crazy insane minute of it. It's an album you all need in your record collection. It's seriously that great!!!

Crushing The Ways Of The Old is available on BandCamp Buy Now Download and you can buy it on Cassette Tape and Vinyl from Headless Guru Records / Atomsmasher Records

Brilliant. End Of.

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