Sunday 8 December 2013

Tutan Come On - S/T Album Review

Tutan Come On cover art

Tutan Come On is a Stoner Punk Rock Band from Vitoria - Gasteiz (Basque Country), Spain

The members are:

SALTERAIN - Drums/Vocals
CONDE - Guitar/Vocals

Oh Hell Yeah!!! - This is what I am talking about. An awesome Stoner-Punk-Rock Duo playing Stoner Rock music the way it's meant to be played. Fast and furious with bags full of energy. Check out the cool name as well - Tutan Come On. Awesome play on words.

If you're a fan of Kyuss then your going to love this as the band have the same energy of that legendary band. Even the vocals are reminiscent of John Garcia in his prime. Though Tutan Come On are no mere copycats. They are their own band with their own style of full throttle riffs for you to rock out to.

Their S/T debut album is a blast from start to finish. Stoner Rock riffs matched with a hard-rocking punk based edge. And for a duo these guys are very loud indeed. Who cares they sing in their native language. We are here for the riffs and their is plenty of them. Though the vocals are just as awesome as well.

Even it's now winter this is the perfect album to get rid of those post-winter blues and remind you of happier warmer times. As the band feel they are from the legendary Desert Rock scene which provided too many legendary band to mention. Tutan Come On have written some superb tracks that will get you rocking out in no time at all.

Check out awesome tracks - KV62, Hitzarmena, Jada Hilda and Tutan Come On. All great tracks showing what these guys can do. Playing finely tuned Punk driven Stoner Rock riffs with a great hard-rocking edge.

Though my two fave tracks have to be the two epic tracks the band have written. Toro Sentado and Anubis & Horus which both run for 6 mins and 7 mins respectively. These two tracks is where the album truly comes to life. Blazing riffs and vocals which remind me of Sludgelord faves - At Devil Dirt.

I can hear a lot of similarities between Tutan Come On and At Devil Dirt. Both brillinat duos making their own mark on the realm of Stoner Rock. This is one band you cannot afford to miss. This album is a blast from start to finish which you will be coming back for more.

Tutan  Come On is available on Buy Now Download from BandCamp now. I recommend you download this now. You won't regret it!!!

Brilliant stuff!!! 

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