Wednesday 4 December 2013

Interview with Jagged Vision

2014 is almost upon us and no doubt a lot of great albums will be coming our way to impress the hell out of us. But I may have already heard one of 2014 best début albums already.

Harvest Earth is the incredible new album from Norwegian Stoner Metal/Hardcore Mob – Jagged Vision. This album literally destroyed my whole world on the very first listen. These guys are one of my top tips for stardom in 2014. As Harvest Earth is a fucking monster waiting to devour everything in it's wake when its released in Feb 2014.

Need more proof. OK I copied the following from my review of their excellent début album.
  • The album has a track called Spiritual Invasion, which has Philip Cope from Kylesa providing vocals.
  • Laura Pleasants (from Kylesa) helped with the layout of the artwork
  • Philip Cope (Kylesa) produced the album
  • The band is newly signed to Kylesa’s new record label – Retro Futurist.
  • The band are supporting Kylesa on their forthcoming Euro 2014 Tour
I described their début album as: “So what does the realm of Stoner Metal have in store for us in 2014? – Well if anything is to go by from this brutal and blistering Hardcore based Stoner Metal Mob – we are going to be in a loud, fast and angry time. As Jagged Vision have delivered one of 2014’s first brilliant Stoner Metal releases with Harvest Earth.

Harvest Earth is a 35-minute blast of fast-paced Stoner Metal riffs spread across 10 brutal tracks that will leave you physically drained. The Hardcore vibe is amped upto maximum levels here. It is an uncompromising assault on the senses.

The album offers a huge blast of dangerous Sludge Metal riffs into the mix as well. This album is brilliantly entertaining as well as being slightly dangerous to your health. Jagged Vision proves they are a band to be reckoned with. The riffs come thick and fast with expertly played hardcore beats giving Jagged Vision sound extra bite.”

Well I am pleased to say that Jagged Vision have kindly agreed to talk us here at Sludgelord. So lets see what they have to say.

Q1 – Hi guys. How are you today. Thanks for doing this. Really appreciate it.

-Hi man! We´re doing great!

Q2 – For people not in the know, can you give a brief history on how the band came about and where it is today.

-Well, we´ve grown up with the punk and hardcore scene here in Norway. Around 2010 we where starting to get bored with the standard hardcore riffs. Since we had started to get more and more into the more sludgy and psychedelic stuff we wanted to try and jazz it up a bit with some stoner influences!

Q3 – Now congrats on your new album – Harvest Earth. Now you may of noticed that I liked it a lot. Bet you guys can't wait to release this in Feb 2014 and unleash your brand of sonic riffs upon to the world. 

-We are stoked as fuck on finally releasing this thing! We hope people will dig it, and maybe blow some speakers

Q4 – I described your sound as Hardcore-Stoner Metal. How would yourselves best describe your sound. As it's very ferocious at times and a bit unrelentless.

-I think that is a good fit! We are basically hardcore-kids playing our own take on stoner-metal

Q5 – Congrats on signing to Kylesa's Retro Futurist Record Label. How did that come about. Great label. Am a huge fan of your labelmates – Sierra who we have featured as well.

-Yeah, Sierra is great! Can´t wait to tour with them this January.

Q6 – How did you manage to get Philip Cope to produce the record and to sing vocals on Spiritual Invasion

-Daniel, our guitarist travelled with Kvelertak on their tour together with Kylesa and Converge, and met Phillip there. When we where looking for a producer for our album he was our first choice, we love the stuff he has produced, and really wanted him to work on our record.

Q7 – Though you do have a couple more guest appearances on the album. Mainly Glenn Reaper and Hallgeir S. Enoksen. Quite a strange mix for a Stoner Metal album. But it works superbly well. Loved the mix of different vocals on the tracks. How did you decide on those two musicians to work on your album?

-They are both good friends of ours. Hallgeir sings in the heaviest band in Norway, Purified in Blood. Glenn tattoos us and used to sing in Purified in Blood but plays in a cool band named Helldiver. We have a lot of respect for these guys talent, so they came as a natural choice when we wanted some extra spice on our songs.

Q8 – Was Harvest Earth a hard album to write and record for. 

-Yes, and no. With this being our first record we had a lot of material and inspiration for the riffs. But at the same time, we where trying to be focused on weeding out the lame stuff.

Q9 – Would you change anything about it. Or are you happy with the final version.

-We are stoked on the final outcome! And we hope other people are to!

Q10 – What is the song writing process in the band? Is it a group collective or is it down to one individual.

-It has mostly been a one-guy thing, but starting to work on our second album, it has become more of a collective process. This way we´ll make sure you´ll get an eclectic mix of heavy riffs!

Jagged Vision - Harvest Earth cover art

Q11 – I love the album cover. I know that Christoffer Jaarviken came up with the design and Laura Pleasants created the layout. Did you have much involvement with the design process.

-Chris is a good friend of ours (and an awesome tattoo artist), he has also done the cover for our previous EP. So when we asked him to do our cover art, we told him the basic idea and just knew he would come up with something great.

Q12 – What is the whole concept of the album? Or do you want people to find this out for themselves.

-There is no concept or story line, but I think lyrically I would describe it as a story of us not fitting into general society. The cruelty, ignorance and apathy of the human race amaze me every day.

Q13 – What is the Norwegian Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal Scene currently like at the moment. Do you get many gigs in your hometown or do you have to travel further to perform regular.

-Right now there is some cool stuff popping up like Warp Riders, Tombstones and Helldiver. There is definitely a scene for stoner, doom and sludge in our hometown Stavanger, its always a great time doing shows here.

Q14 – You will be supporting Kylesa on their forthcoming European Tour in 2014 along with Sierra. Congrats on that one. Bet your looking forward to that tour. What can people expect on the tour. (I will definitely be at one of the gigs. Either Glasgow or Leeds on the UK Tour.).

-Thanks, We´re stoked on getting to participate on this tour! I would say; get ready for some intense shit. We´re stepping up our game for this one!

Q15 – Which bands and musicians albums are you currently enjoying? Any recommendations you can give to our viewers for bands to check out.

-I´ve been into Anciients, ASG, Earthless and Crippled Black Phoenix a lot these days, and the new All pigs Must Die album is heavy as fuck. If anyone out there have yet to check it out, they should!

Q16 – In 5 words or less – describe the live Jagged Vision experience.

-Heavy. Noisy. Groovy

Q17 – Congrats on your début album is being released on Vinyl. Bet your pleased your début album being released on Wax. Are you fans of Vinyl yourselves?

-Thanks! Yes, indeed. The feeling of putting on a 12” and just rocking out is priceless.

Q18 – If you could give advice to someone wanting to start a band. What advice would you give them?

-Remove all your mental blockades and just go for it.

Q19 – With 2014 coming up soon. What would you like to see happen or change within the Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal scene next year.

-More bands should be inspired by the new Drake album. And they should also play in Norway more frequently. We´re often left out!

Q20 – Finally, Do you have anything to say to your fans.

-Listen to our new album, and come to our shows in January/February! We´re counting on it.

Well guys, thanks for doing this. I really appreciate it. Best of luck with your album. I think its' going to explode big time within the scene. Hope to see you live in concert either at Glasgow or Leeds.

Thanks man, we really appreciate it! We´ll definitely see you in January.

Harvest Earth will be available to buy from Retro Futurist Records from Feb 1st 2014 on Vinyl and DD.

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