Sunday 22 December 2013

Lucas Klaukien's Top 25 Album of 2013

I’ve had a great time getting to know many of the guys behind the Sludgelord blog over the past year (Steve, Aaron, Matt, Chris & Richard) and contributing the odd review here and there.  They’ve done a lot of amazing things this year and it’s been an absolute joy to watch the blog grow into a behemoth.  I support the Sludgelord because of all those reasons, I support the Sludgelord because they held a massive auction with proceeds going to the daughter of late Eyehategod drummer Joey Lacaze, I support Sludgelord because they support artists both big and small and they do it genuinely and they do it enthusiastically.  And I support Sludgelord because it’s a one stop place for all your stoner / doom / sludge needs.  It’s been a pleasure being a tiny cog in this machine.  Cheers from across the waters lads!

25). Tentacle – Ingot Eye

24). Magic Circle – ST

23). Spiral Shades -  Hypnosis Sessions

22). Blizaro – Strange Doorways

21). Weed Priest – S/T

20). Earthen Grave – S/T

19). At Devil Dirt – Plan B

18). Uzala – Tales of Blood & Fire

17). Cult of Occult – Hic Est Domus Diabola

16). Egypt – Become The Sun

15).  Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals – Walk Through Exits Only

14).  Shallow Grave – ST

13). Hollow Leg – Abysmal

12).  Zodiac (Australia) – ST

 Zodiac cover art

11). Windhand – Soma

10). Beastwars – Blood Becomes Fire


9).  Tombstones – Red Skies & Dead Eyes

8). Curse the Son – Psychache

7). Abysmal Grief – Feretri

6). NYMF – From the Dark

5). Head of the Demon – S/T

4). Blood Ceremony – The Eldritch Dark

3). Beelzefuzz – S/T

2). Devil – Gather the Sinners

1). Iron Man – South of the Earth