Tuesday 17 December 2013

PurpleHaze Ensemble - S/T Album Review

PurpleHaze Ensemble cover art

PurpleHaze Ensemble is an Experimental Stoner Metal Band from Krakow, Poland.

The members are:

Macias - voc, gtr
Justin - bas
Tekla - dr
Bemben - electro

I am going to post the band's bandcamp description to tell you what to expect on their debut S/T album.

"The self-titled debut album consists of 6 crushing and impossible to classify songs, inspired by such esteemed artists as: Deftones, Alice in Chains, Mastodon, and even Massive Attack, yet still managing to be very original, eclectic and innovative."

PurpleHaze Ensemble debut album is one of the weirdest sounding debuts I have heard this year. Any band that says they are inspired by Deftones, Alice In Chains, Mastodon and Massive Attack deserve some attention. Well PurpleHaze Ensemble sound is definitely worth checking out.. Parts Stoner, Grunge, Hard Rock with a bit of Electronic Rock thrown in as well.

PurpleHaze Ensemble have created something special here. They manage to create a huge wall of noise venturing through as many genres as possible without being relying on one sole mood or sound.

If you're a fan of Italian Sludge Rockers - Zippo - then you will find much to enjoy here as these two bands have a similar sound. Though PurpleHaze Ensemble do channel some Deftones based vibes on some of the excellent tracks such as Haunt The Freak and Kickin Curbs With A Thin Stick.

PurpleHaze Ensemble songs are on the epic side. Most ranging from 6 mins to 8 mins in length and it's a decision that pays off big time. As they have plenty of time to build up the atmospheric riffs matched against the superb vocals of frontman - Macias. Macias puts his voice through a strenuous workout on the album. 90s style alt-metal grooves being the main focus for Macias but when the time calls for a more dangerous edge then just wait until Macias unleashes some frantic hardcore based growls which come out of nowhere. Especially on one of the albums stand out tracks - Could I.

PurpleHaze Ensemble are definitely a band to look out for as they have an exceptional talent.

PurpleHaze Ensemble have created a stunning debut album that should find many fans within the Stoner Metal scene.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Tytus at Unquiet Records for sending me a promo. PurpleHaze Ensemble S/T Records is now available to buy on BandCamp now from Unquiet Records.

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