Saturday 14 December 2013

Legion Of Andromeda - Demo 2013

Legion Of Andromeda (demo 2013) cover art

Legion Of Andromeda is a Drone/Doom/Death Metal Band from Tokyo, Japan

The members are:

-M- axe, machinery
-R- vokills

What we have here folks is one of the loudest and scariest releases I have heard this year. Legion of Andromeda are a band not for the faint of heart. This is a band with power to give you nightmares for the rest of your natural born life.

Here is the band's own description of their music.

"Conceived, constructed and assembled in the anno domini of MMXII by the demented minds of -M- (axe/machinery) and -R- (vokills), Legion Of Andromeda is blessed by the will of total war. Sculpted in reiteration, repetition and cyclical rotation, Legion Of Andromeda impenetrable cacophony outbursts the breath of cosmic frost.

Cosmo Hammer Master of the Universe."

The band's demo release is an unflinching 32 minute ride into the more heavier and darker elements of Death and Doom Metal. Indescribable vocals matched against drone based Death/Doom Metal carnage may severely test some of you, but if you stick with it you will find some brilliant brutal riffs to chew on.

Legion Of Andromeda describe this release as "4 tracks, 32 min. of total aural disintegration. Brutal, minimal, primitive. Listen to maximum volume and fuck off."

I always love venturing into the darker side of Metal now and again. And this demo didn't disappoint me at all. Sure it's brutal as fuck but that is the whole point. This is a release for people who like their Death/Doom Metal raw, loud and violent as hell. The drone part of the demo gives this album a more nightmarish feel as it's played very dangerously in the background.

This band must have some talent as it has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Shigenori Kobayashi of Coffins fame. And he knows a thing or two about demonic based heavy nightmarish music.

The albums best tracks are Overlord Of Thunder and Fist Of The Galaxy. Both brutal heavy slabs of music showing what Legion Of Andromeda is all about. Mainly to destroy everything in sight. This is an excellent release to check out if your into extreme metal.

It's available to download on Buy Now Deal on BandCamp. If you're up to the challenge of course. Don't say I didn't warn you!!!!

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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