Sunday 29 December 2013

Godhunter / Anakim Split 7" (Review)

Album Type : Split 7”
Date Released : 10/12/2013
Label : The Compound/Battleground Records

Godhunter / Anakim Split 7”, track listing :

1). Godhunter – Vulture’s Wake
2). Anakim – The Whimper of the Whipped Dog

Bio :

Following a steady surplus of independently-disbursed EPs and split releases since their 2009 origin, Tucson-based sludge thugs,GODHUNTER, unload a new split 7” with local crew, ANAKIM, as a prelude to their impending debut LP.

The GODHUNTER/ANAKIM 7” was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and bears handcrafted artwork by Shona Crawford/Megaspore Studio. Pressed on blue wax in a one-time run of 300 copies, the split is available for preorders now exclusively through Earsplit Distro, a joint release between Earsplit’s label, The Compound, and GODHUNTER’s own Battleground Records.

In related news, GODHUNTER has put the final touches on their impending debut LP, City Of Dust, which will be released in the first quarter of 2014. Another cooperative release between Battleground/The Compound, City Of Dust will be released digitally and on CD early in the year followed by a massive LP edition shortly afterwards; full details on this epic chalice of brutality will be declared in the final days of this year.

Review :

I’ve never reviewed a split 7” before, apart from one unfortunate incident at a tattoo and piercing convention… but whereas that was mildly disconcerting, this particular 7” in question contains two tracks, from Tuscon’s Godhunter and Anakim.  They have thrown two mighty tracks out into the world, full of doom, fuzz and boisterous riffery.  If it’s heavy you want, these bands from Tuscon have got what you need. 

First up is Godhunter, a five-piece sludge/stoner outfit whose track ‘Vulture’s Wake’ is a grunting, growling metal beast, its rage barely kept in check, always seeming to be just one chord away from pure sonic barbarity.  It’s a song that chugs like a jet-black steam train, dark plumes of smoke belching up into the air as it hurtles along its dastardly musical trajectory.  ‘Vulture’s Wake’ is a song draped in black and flying high in the stoner stratosphere.  A perfect way to get acquainted with Godhunter’s brand of sonic filth. 

Then we have Anakim.  This four-piece brings us ‘The Whimper of Whipped Dogs’, over five minutes of doom-drenched horror music that insidiously slinks into your ears with a muted guitar intro, adding a layer of foggy tension which leads to drums and a doleful solo.  Ed Slocum’s vocals bark out with a wolfish menace and, when things get heavy, the get really heavy.  Like listening to Black Sabbath on a stormy day, Anakim’s ‘The Whimper of Whipped Dogs’ is brooding, atmospheric and gripping. 

This split 7” is a great way to get introduced to two startlingly good sludge bands, who will no doubt be going on to create some really amazing, filthy music in the (hopefully) near future.  Until then, check this out and get your speakers nice and dirty. 

Words by : Chris Markwell

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