Thursday 26 December 2013

Merdarahta - Breathe Electric - Album Review

breathe electric cover art

Merdarahta is an Ambient/Doom/Drone//Noise Metal Band from Canada.

The members are: t. das, m. mongeon, l. newton, m. bourgon, m. vilandré, m. das, s. choquette, d. menard, m. cleal, m. raymond

Merdarahta have been on this blog a few times now and I have became a fan of their music. Merdarahta play loud ambient based Doom/Drone/Noise Metal that is beautifully played and equally as powerful and violent.

Merdarahta features one of my all time fave musicians - Topon Das - from Fuck The Facts. Topon has been a good friend to Sludgelord over the last couple of years. He has let me reviewed almost every project he has been involved in such as Fuck The Facts and Merdarahta. So I was quite pleased when he contacted me to say that Merdarahta have a new album out and what an album it is.

Breathe Electric is 34 minutes of finely tuned minimalist drone based tracks. If you're already a fan of Merdarahta then you will know what to expect.

First track - breathe II - starts off very slowly and quietly before adding more layers of violent based drone noises which ends in a loud wall of noise which is beautiful and captivating while being down right ugly at times. A truly magnificent track for all you Drone/Noise lovers.

Second track - electric I - starts off quietly adding soft drone based textures with an eerie creepy riff lurking in the background. Things start to get very louder indeed. Wait until the 1:25 minute mark before Merdarahta unleash hell on earth. This track is a haunting, brooding and slightly claustrophobic experience which leave you feeling very uncomfortable through out.

Merdarahta start adding chants and noises that feel from a classic horror movie on the next track - electric II. It's only on for 70 seconds or so but it' still a scary experience which will send chills down your entire body.

Up next is electric III. An almost 12 minute epic which ranks as one of the finest tracks Merdarahta have ever written. Merdarahta build up noises and textures with creepier haunting vocals lurking in the background. This track had me looking over my shoulder when I was listening to it. Such is the power of Merdarahta's music. The 12 minute epic feels like it has came from Hell itself. As it's a creepy and almost violent experience that will last long in the memory. Awesome stuff.

Merdarahta carry on this style of ambient based Noise/Drone based Doom effect for the last 3 songs. If Merdarahta's intention was to scare the living hell out of listeners this festive period then consider it mission accomplished. As Breathe Electric is one of the most uncomfortable experiences I have listened to in a very long time.

It's one of the most powerful Drone Records I have heard in 2013. This has enough power to give you nightmares for life. Merdarahta have outdone themselves with this record. Breathe Electric is their finest record to date. If you're in the mood for an uncomfortable and violent experience then this is the album for you. Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Topon Das for sending me a promo to review and giving me nightmares over the Christmas Holiday Season. Breathe Electric is now available to buy from BandCamp now.

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