Saturday 28 December 2013

No Trust - Unfound

Unfound cover art 

No Trust is a Heavy Metal/Death Metal/Sludge Metal band from East Bay, CA, USA

The members are:

Zach Guzman
Ben Guzman

"No Trust is a metal band from The East Bay California formed in 2010 by brothers Ben Guzman on guitar and vocals, and Zach Guzman on drums. They create a massive sound as a two piece, keeping an aggressive approach and always focusing on the power of the groove. 2013 brings the release of Unfound, their first full length effort."

The above description intrigued me regarding No Trust. They create a massive sound as a two piece - well I am happy to report that No Trust are indeed very LOUD indeed. And they have written an excellent well thought out hard-hitting album packed full of blazing riffs.

Sure the album is a bit under produced but you can't deny how talented No Trust actually are. If you like your Sludge Metal with plenty of Heavy Metal and Death Metal vibes then Unfound is the album for you.

And can these guys play. They feel like a 5 Piece Band instead of a duo. The albums first two tracks - Common Thread and Darkness Reaches - gets this album off to a great start. Hard-hitting riffs with brutal vocals to match. Ben is a man possessed on Guitar and Vocals. And his brother - Zach - is like an out of control madman on the drums. These guys know how to write a mean fucked up tune with plenty of menace and bite to scare the hell out of you.

If you're a fan of early Mastodon then you have to check these guys out as No Trust play Progressive Sludge Metal that Mastodon are well known for. But these are no mere copycats. No Trust add more hard-hitting vibes mainly from their Death Metal influences coming to the party.

3rd Track - Bottom Feeder - is another one lean mean hard-hitting bastard of a track. The riffs may be down-tuned at first but you can sense the danger lurking in the background and once the band turn evil there is no turning back. Definitely one of the albums standout tracks.

If you like the first 3 tracks then no doubt you're going to love the rest of the album like I did. Unfound is an unflinching portrayal of Progressive Sludge Metal you won't easily forget. Other standout tracks to check out are - A King - A Rose, Purging All and Of Sound Mind.

Unfound is an excellent album for all you prog sludge metal fans to check out. The album is available on Buy Now Download from BandCamp. So if you want something dark and violent then this is the album for you.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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