Thursday 26 December 2013

Mothman - Proboscis

Proboscis cover art
Mothman is a Post-Hardcore/Post-Rock/Metal Band from New York, USA

The members are:

Sam Mothman - Vocals/Guitar
Amir Toussi - Guitar
Adam Bauch - Drums/Bass

Mothman is an experimental Post-Hardcore Metal band fusing a few different vibes on their excellent debut EP - Proboscis. It's only on for 16 mins or so but it's still a great record to check out.

Mothman do have an original sound of their own. As I can't compare them to any other band at the moment and that is always a good sign in my book. Their songs are all action packed from start to finish with too many cool riffs to mention.

Vocalist - Sam - is pissed off through out. He doesn't rest for a second. I would love to see this band in action as they are one highly energetic act with a great pissed off attitude that gives their music a loud violent edge.

Check out excellent tracks - I Shot An Arrow, The Cleansing and Draped Over Your Shoulders Like A Burden. All showing what Mothman is about.

Yeah the EP does have a a raw DIY feel but that adds to the charm of Mothman that they really don't give a fuck what you think. They are here to play music that they believe in and it shows on this excellent EP.

All in all a great release from an excellent band indeed. Mothman - you have my attention. Lets see what you can do with a a full length album.

You can download Proboscis from Bandcamp now on Buy Now Deal.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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