Saturday 7 December 2013

Weekend Nachos - Still (Album Review)

Album Type :  Full Length
Date Released : 11/11/2013
Label :  Relapse Records

STILL, album track listing :
1). Sickened No More 00:44
2). No idols and No Heroes 01:41
3). S.C.A.B. 01:35
4). Satan Sucker 01:36
5). Late Night Walks 01:00
6). Watch You Suffer 03:26
7). Wolves 01:42
8). You’re Not Punk 00:58
9). Ignore 01:36
10). Yes Way 01:47
11). Broken Mirroe 01:42
12). Still 03:51

Bio :

Despite their misleadingly amiable moniker, Weekend Nachos happens to be one of the most unnervingly aggressive and pissed-off bands to emerge within the last decade. The band- featuring Aaron Ross, John Hoffman, Varg Campos, and Brian Laude-hails from Chicago, IL and creates a distinctive squall of sound that Decibel Magazine aptly describes as “a muscular hardcore paean to hatred.”

After several vicious EPs and split releases, Weekend Nachos unleashed their debut record, Punish and Destroy, in 2007 on Regurgitated Semen Records. Off the strength of this album, Weekend Nachos soon began to attract a loyal following and gain the attention of many notable audiences through their relentless touring and furious live shows. After the release of 2008’s self-titled EP on Drugged Conscience, the band was signed to Relapse Records.

Since the release of 2010's Worthless, Weekend Nachos has toured relentlessly, performing at such notable festivals as Rain Fest 2012 and Obscene Extreme 2012, as well as performing shows with Converge, Municipal Waste, and Cough.Combining elements from all areas of extreme music – from powerviolence to sludge – Weekend Nachos is undoubtedly one of the most vicious acts in the underground metal scene. According to Weekend Nachos vocalist John Hoffman, “There’s definitely no formula to our songwriting. We just operate by riffs, tones and volume.” This objective is immediately evident on each of the band’s records and allows Weekend Nachos to remain a refreshingly consistent act who still manages to keep its audience on their toes. So crank that volume, get angry, and grab some snacks: Weekend Nachos isn’t going away any time soon

The Band  :
Aaron Ross
John Hoffman
Varg Campos
Brian Laude

Review :

Chicago Power Violence merchants Weekend Nachos return with a suitably loud bang on new album 'Still' (again on Relapse), and unsurprisingly it sounds like it was recorded in the middle of a gang fight. Just like West Side Story, but with Power Violence. Actually, put that film on mute and play this over it. I bet that's absolutely fucking amazing, and in no way at all a complete waste of your time.

 Know what I'm gonna do later. It's called 'West Side Nachos', and you're welcome.

I immediately want to single out 'S.C.A.B.' for the furious slice of fury that it furiously is. Initially starting out as straight bonkers punk metal brutality, it blossoms into a tremendous HxC pit baiter at the end. So much chug per square inch. More chug than pug memes. That's right, I'm calling out pug memes, bitchez. Try to stop me.

It's immediately followed by 'Satan Sucker', which goes for the artery in your neck with teeth bared. Their riffs continue to be deeper than deep, and razor sharp. For a bunch of dudes that always come across in interviews as being pretty chill, they sure sound on record like they want to rip your traitorous heart out.

'Watch You Suffer' denies the accumulation of scene points (as Weekend Nachos also do) by clocking in at a practically Genesis-standard for Power Violence 3 minutes +. Their ability to channel pure and undiluted aggression is staggering, and their breakdowns are built like tanks. More traditional in nature than some modern stagnant deathcore / whatever stuff, but packing way more heat. Kicking it real in the old skool style.

'Yes Way' is another standout cut that features some great bouncing beats and riffs to match. Brimming with punk attitude and mean vox, and more breakdowns that could affect your contents insurance if it were discovered that you were keeping them in your house. Honestly, it's so heavy at times that it hurts.

Weekend Nachos breathe new life into their continued campaign of brutality here with the release of 'Still', and will probably embark on some world conquering tour in the near future like the tarmac warriors that they are. A truly vital band in every sense, and a more than worthy addition to the PV section of your record collection. Go pick it up today.

Words by :  Matt Fitton

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