Friday 6 December 2013

Live Review : Death DTA Europe 2013, Sound Control, Manchester, UK, 28th November 2013

With Manchester’s Sound Control completely sold out for the evenings show, there was scarcely any room to budge in the compact venue. With two screens mounted right and left of the stage and Death’s iconic logo adorning the back of stage drape, the band ripped through a set which took in many of Death’s high points over the years.
The evening was billed as a celebration of the music of Death, and the life of Chuck Schuldiner, under the moniker of Death to All.
The band opened with Flattening of Emotions from Human. The mix of blast beat drumming and melodic riffing was fleshed out with some superb solo work. By the end of the first track, the crowd were firmly on board and ready to pay homage to one of the greatest death metal bands ever.
Throughout the night, the band played Suicide Mission, Cosmic Sea and Lack of Comprehension from Human; arguably the best of a tremendous bunch of albums. Also making up the set list is a large proportion of Leprosy. The title track, Left To Die and eventual set closer, Pull The Plug are all met with the throwing up of devil horns and plenty of neck wrecking enthusiasm.
Punctuating the superb material from these albums were a magnificent airing of Within The Mind from Spiritual Healing, Zombie Ritual from the ever lauded classic, Scream Bloody Gore. Baptized In Blood from the same album just show the iconic and influential nature of this band. They are delivered with fury and precision that pay the right tribute to the bands departed leader. The breakneck soloing and riffing in Baptized in Blood is a joy to hear.
Whilst this is not Death, it never could be without Chuck, the band and crowd came together for a glorious celebration of one of metals finest bands. In addition to Death being one of the best, Chuck was also one of the best. If this tour is treated as what it says on the tin, and you’re a fan, you will have a blast.
Words by : Dominic Walsh
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