Wednesday 4 December 2013

Dead Ranch - Antler Royal - Album Review

Dead Ranch is a Sludge/Punk/Noise/Stoner Metal Band from Winnipeg, Canada

The members are:

Steve Henderson-Bass/Vocals
Chad Alsop-Guitar/Vocals
Andre Cornejo-Guitar/Vocals
Ryley Devine-Drums

Dead Ranch are a band who impressed the hell out of me earlier this year when I featured their brilliant debut EP - Birds Of Pray.

I said the following of their debut EP - "Their debut EP - Birds Of Prey - is a 5 song and 23 minute blast of in your face riffs that feel like your being hit with a hammer. If you are into Mastodon, Behold The Monolith, High On Fire and Baroness then you will find much to admire here.

This should do just for now before they start their recording their debut full length in the spring. These guys definitely have my attention and I will definitely be reviewing it when it comes out."

Well 10 months later, Dead Ranch are back with their debut album - Antler Royal. The album features 8 tracks and runs for 33 minutes. So what can we expect from these 33 minutes. Well how can I put this mildly.

Antler Royal is FUCKING AMAZING!!! - There is no simpler way of saying it. This album rules from start to finish. Dead Ranch have upped their game from their debut EP. Everything is heavier and they have thrown in a staggering amount of riffs to slay you with.

First track - Ice Desert - may start slowly but give it a few seconds until the other band members join the party after a subtle hazy riff starts proceedings. Then you will know all hell has broken loose. Some intricate duelling guitars combine with deadlier vocals to give this track an unsettling Sludge/Stoner Metal feel.

Dead Ranch prove from this track alone they have some serious talent. As they harness the furious energy of High On Fire and match it against with some blazing riffs that Remission era Mastodon would be proud to call their own.

Second track - Attack of  The Sky Creatures - comes at you from all corners with guitar riffs powerful enough to knock you out on your back. With Ryley providing some awesome as fuck drumming to heavily pound your skull with. Yeah there is a lot of Noise Rock going on in the background. And that is a damn good thing as it gives Dead Ranch sound something different compared to other bands of the genre.

What can I say about the vocals. They are KILLER!!! - I don't know who is singing lead vocals as Dead Ranch have not one vocalist but 3 of them terrifying your eardrums all the way through. If you miss the good old days when Mastodon knew how to write epic Sludge Metal riffs before they went less heavier - Well thank the Sludge/Stoner Metal Gods as Dead Ranch are here to save the day. 

Antler Royal is full of too many great riffs to mention. Each song is full of them and that's a testament to Dead Ranch's talent for making each individual song an exhilarating experience. Dead Ranch are on fire through out. Nobody can stop them when they are on this form.

Canada has provided some brilliant bands for Sludgelord HQ to check out this year. Sierra and Pyres being two of them. Now they have another world class band to call their own. Dead Ranch have worked wonders here. They will make you a fan of their music from the very first listen. We are massive fans here at Sludgelord.

All I can say is Antler Royal is one of the best debut albums I have heard this year. It's one of my top 5 albums of 2013. That's how great this album is.

OK I have gone on long enough. Antler Royal is a must have record. Buy it now!!!

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

You can buy Antler Royal from BandCamp on DD and Vinyl now.

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BandCamp - You can download their excellent debut EP for free here.