Thursday 26 April 2012

Black Moth-The Killing Jar Review

Black Moth only came to my attention recently and I was immediately hooked. After snapping up a few singles that were available I was delighted to receive "The Bell Jar" to review.

Playing a brilliant blend of stoner/grunge and psychedelic rock, Black Moth quite simply, rock. Vocals by Harriet Hyde, give them a real edge coming across at times like a female fronted Truckfighters, or  Melissa De Auf Maur collaborating with Fu-manchu . "The Killing Jar" displays more though, proving they're talented enough to carve out their own sound. Riffs chugg along with catchy hooks and powerful vocals. The album was produced by Jim Sclavunos and Dave Sanderson and an excellent job has been done, the album sounding immense with a perfect blend of fuzz and heavy tones.

"The Articulate Dead" opens the album fuzz-drenched guitars, and a Grunge feel letting you know what your in for. It features an astounding tempo change half way through letting rip with a frenzy of rhythm . Straight away its impossible not to be impressed and it doesn't stop there. "Blackbirds Fall" features a massive catchy riff, and stunning musicianship. "Spit Out Your Teeth" is a marvellous psychedelic track with twisted lyrics like the ramblings of an asylum patient.
The quality of the tracks never relents and Black Moth display enough variety in style delivery so things never get repetitive. Other highlights include the furious "Chicken Shit" coming on like Kyuss in their prime, the sheer density of "Blind Faith" and "Honey Lung" . Put simply though "The Killing Jar" rocks front to back, and you'll be hard pressed to hear another album this fuzzalicious all year.

"The Killing Jar" will be released on May 7th on New Heavy Sounds ,and check out more on the links below, Highly recommended and a special mention for the fantastic artwork.

New Heavy Sounds

The Moth Pit