Tuesday 17 April 2012

Blacklisters - BLKLSTRS Review

Blacklisters are a Noise-rock/alternative band from Leeds featuring.

Billy Mason Wood: Vocals
Dan Beesley: Guitar
Owen Griffiths: Bass
Alistair Stobbart: Drums

There's no messing about with Blacklisters they kick in the door and fuck you in the ear with their caustic dirty swagger. I've been following them since their Belt Party ep and now with their debut album they are ready to give us all a punishing but enjoyable experiance with "BLKLSTRS"

Featuring massive scuzzy riffs and pulsating bass lines comparisons to the great Jesus Lizard can be made, Blacklisters have enough of their own attitude to ensure they stamp their authority all over this album and your head for that matter.

With track names like "Clubfoot By Kasabian" , "Ask Yourself a Question if the Answer is Go Fuck Yourself" a twisted sense of humour is also evident.
The former opens the album in riotous fashion swaggering round like a bare-knuckle brawler while maintaining a sludgey groove.
You can picture vocalist, Billy Mason Wood wide-eyed and demented at their shows with an impressive yell and growl delivery. Its not just him you've to contend with though, his mates back him up with stabbing guitars and pummelling rhythm its a fight you can't win but you'll have a huge (toothless) grin on your face after.

"Trick Fuck" is furious and relentless the riff absolutely destroying everything in its way. A song destined to be filling floors in underground clubs for years to come and inciting circle pit moshing when played live, devastating! Blacklisters though appreciate the vitriolic rage they've unleashed and close the album with the more laid back instrumental "Shush" soothing the wounds and allowing you to recover. Its still intense though and preformed brilliantly not really a gentle post-rock song, its crashes and heaves more like recent touring buddies Pelican. BLKLSTRS delivers on all fronts and if you think your hard enough, let it into your life and enjoy.

Blacklisters excellent Debut is released on April 24th on Brew records and can be pre-ordered in various formats on the links below.

Brew Records