Friday 6 April 2012


Ghost Tower are a Heavy/Doom/Thrash Metal from Nebraska, USA

The members are:

Ameven (vocals), Matt Preston (guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals)

They have just released their second brilliant album "Head of Night" in Feb 2012 for free download. 

This album is personally recommended to me by Mari (legendary poster of Sludge Swamp) Sidd (Regular Viewer) and who designed the Sludgelord Blog Logo. So this was enough reason for me to download this brilliant album and should be for you too as well.

Head of Night is a mighty leap forward from their pervious great release "Curse Of The Black Blood". Everything about this album is better and heavier. Vocals, Riffs, Drumming all louder and angrier than before.

A brilliant 40 minutes that you will be going back to time and time again. Album is full of bleak down-tempo Sludge/Doom Metal riffs that will haunt you for many days to come.

The band have kindly to give this brilliant album away for free. I urge you all to download this superb album right away. You wont be sorry.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: