Wednesday 18 April 2012

Dead Sea Apes-Band To Check Out

Dead Sea Apes are a experimental Post/ Psyche-rock band from Manchester UK. They are comprised of the following members.

Brett Savage - Guitar
Nick Harris - Bass
Chris Hardman - Drums

Dead Sea Apes are not a generic Post-rock band, they don't really fall into the category at all. But as is often the case if you play instrumental music, that's it post-rock box in you go. I'm going to invent a new genre and call it "music". Two sub-genres, "Good-Music" and "Bad-music",  Justin Bieber belongs in the latter, Dead Sea Apes very much the former.

Okay rant over(for now), what Dead Sea Apes conjure is terrific, dynamic brooding music without the clichés of quiet/loud/quiet. They create cinematic soundscapes epic in length and feel and on new EP "Astral House" a rockier, more urgent mood at times. They've been pretty busy of late and have two new releases to show for it. The already mentioned "Astral House" ep is available through BandCamp. An album "Lupus" is available through american Label Deep Water Acres . Both are excellent releases from a band unafraid to push the limits of music, and stand out from the crowd.

"Bikini Atoll" is a favourite of mine showcasing their heavier side, full of Psyche patterns and dynamic riffage, while driven by rhythmic basslines. Just one example of greatness from Dead Sea Apes. "Dead Fingers Talk" features more sublime bass work and has a desert rock feel similar to Across Tundras or Earth's recent output.

Lupus in general is much more ambient and cinematic, starting with the stark and bleak sounding "Pharmakon" setting the tone. Songs clock in at up to 16 minutes unfolding gently, layers of atmospherics envopling the senses. Some huge riffs creep up on you during "Something To Do With Death" to stunning effect, dense and atmospheric its another of many highlights. I recommend both releases highly and why not start with their debut, "Soy Dios" which is available on the pay what you like deal. Lupus is available through the link below and price includes International shipping.

Deep Water Acres Records


Dead Sea Apes