Friday 6 April 2012

PIKE - To Cross The Great Divide Review

To Cross the Great Divide Cover Art

Pike are a Sludge Metal Band from Sweden

The members are:

Alex Risberg - Bass/Vocals
Erik Palm - Guitar
Alvin Risberg - Drums 

Pike play a brilliant blend of Sludge, Stoner, Doom and even Post-Metal that is really hard to categorize at times. They have just released their brilliant debut full length album – “To Cross The Great Divide”. A 5 song 50 minute opus of hard hitting riffs.

These guys take influence from a whole range of bands such as Mastodon, Sleep, YOB, ISIS, Pelican and Neurosis but put a unique fresh spin on things with their own blend of top-notch atmospheric sludge based vibes.

Make no question about it. To Cross The Great Divide is a masterpiece. Its expertly written and played by all involved. This is an album that ticks all the right boxes in the realm of Atmospheric Sludge Metal.

Full of passionate vocals and lyrics that paints a haunting atmosphere to go along side the brutal riffs on show. All of the 5 songs here are simply superb. They are epic slabs of giant colossal Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs.

Most of the tracks run past the 9 min and 10 minute mark. One of them “At The End Of Existence” runs past the 13 minute mark. I love epic tracks that Pike have created as the songs take their time in building the atmosphere and astounding the listener with to include as many hard hitting riffs as possible.

If I have to pick my fave track it will have to be the epic 11:32 minute track – “Ned Land”. as it tells a truly haunting and intriguing story with brilliant lyrics to match the sublime riffs. This packs an almighty punch so much so your jaw will be hitting the floor at how amazing this album is.

The production is amazing. You can hear every note, riff, rhythm played to loud shattering brilliance.

Pike have released a couple of EP’s before this outstanding release which are worth checking out as well. But its this monumental release where the band come into their own. This is the album that should rightly put Pike on the Sludge Metal Map.

This is an album you will be listening to over and over again. Pike have delivered a truly outstanding album that rightly deserves its place as my one of my fave albums of the year so far.

I have a feeling this album will be receiving a lot more praise before the year is out. As it’s simply a classic album that Pike should rightly be proud of.

Well as you can tell I absolutely love this album and is the best album I have bought this year. I urge you all to buy this now from BandCamp right now. You wont be sorry.

Highly Recommended – What Do You Think!!!

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