Friday 6 April 2012

IRON CLAW - Album Review

Iron Claw is a Hard Rock Band From Scotland.

The members are:

Alex Wilson, Bass. Jimmy Ronnie, Guitars. Ian McDougall, Drums

Iron Claw are a rare beast indeed. They were one of the original Blues Metal Pioneers from 60s/70s who split up before getting any well deserved recognition.

Well 35 years later in 2009 their self titled CD was released to massive acclaim. Iron Claw regrouped with a new lead singer Gordon Brown (Nope not the one your thinking about) and where were then signed to brilliant US Record Label Ripple Music.

Iron Claw went back into the studio to record their first new material in over 35 years. And “A Different Game” is the outstanding result.

This album shouldn’t exist. There are not many instances that bands get together after a long hiatus. But Iron Claw are living proof and legends in my book. This album is brilliant. No question about it.

Full of hard rocking songs that blends 70s based Blues Rock, Doom and good old Southern Boogie Rock to great effect.

The album is an absolute blast at 56 mins and takes you back to your younger days with the amount of great riffs involved.

This album is getting praise all over the place for the right reasons. Its simply the comeback album to end all comeback albums in the respective genre.

These guys know how to rock. They can even show a thing or two to their younger counterparts.

The album is brilliantly produced from the word go and is full of standout tracks that will have you rocking in no time at all.

The vocals are another highlight as they have the right blend of passion and fury needed in a hard rocking combo like this. But it’s a shame they have parted ways. No malice involved just two parties agreeing its time to move on.

Well the guys have a new vocalist - Gary Hair - and are recording new material which will be heavier than before. So this album is another standout highlight in a legendary band’s career. I cant wait to see what these rejuvenated rockers put out next.

If you’re a fan of 70’s Hard Rocking Blues-Rock/Metal then these guys are for you. They do add a few modern touches but it mainly stays in the good old days of Hard Rock. An era that I am very fond of.

You can buy this brilliant album from all good stockists everywhere on Ripple Music.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: