Monday 16 April 2012

Replenish Records - Loads Of Brilliant Free Albums

Replenish Records are a brilliant record label who emailed me recently about their latest releases. Most of these bands have featured on this blog before. Like Sky Burial, Rituals, Vestiges and Caulfield.

I am going to feature two of the releases as I have just listened to them and they deserve your attention now.

Sky Burial's latest release - Where Four Rivers Flow

"Formed in Tennessee in early 2009, Sky Burial is a four-piece band from Nashville that combines elements of doom, post-metal, and post-rock to create a somber, yet peaceful atmosphere of minimalistic arrangements and passionate segues. The band's heavily instrumental approach to post-metal is sparsely decorated with messages of self-betterment and hope. The band's debut full-length, Where Four Rivers Flow, is now available through Replenish Records on 180gram vinyl with heavyweight jacket, an insert, and a custom silkscreened polybag (limited to 500)."

Sky Burial released their brilliant debut album in 2010 and was featured here before: Well they are back with their brilliant and best work to date.

Where Four Rivers Flow is a masterclass of Sludge/Post-Metal that needs to be heard now. It blends Sludge, Post-Rock and Post-Metal to highly brilliant effect.

All I can say is that Sky Burial have released their masterpiece. It's simply that great. I urge you all to download this now. Full of passionate vocals and Sludge/Post-Metal riffs to match.

If your into ISIS, Neurosis and CULT OF LUNA then this album is simply unmissable.

You can download this brilliant album for free from BandCamp right now where it includes a mediafire link as well.
Check This Great Band Below;


ALDA - Tahoma

"Formed in Washington during the fall of 2007, Alda is a four-piece band from Tacoma that plays a style of black metal that is considered to be of the Cascadian ilk. The band is a collective project that is dedicated to the reclamation of Lost Wisdom and the application of a lifestyle founded on respect and communication with the soils on which they dwell. Tahoma was originally only pressed on cassette, but is now available through Replenish Records on double vinyl with heavyweight gatefold and an insert (limited to 300)"

ALDA are a Black Metal Band from Washington, USA.

ALDA are a Black-Metal Band that blends Post-Rock and Ambient Rock into their music to paint a truly unflinching portrayal of Post-Black Metal Music.

They released their new album Tahoma in 2011 to major acclaim. And its not hard to see why. Its a brilliant album that came out of nowhere leading to some critics calling it one of the best black metal releases of 2011.

And its something I agree with. If your a fan of Wolves In The Throne Room then your going to love this as they play the same blend of hard-hitting experimental Black Metal music.

You can download this brilliant album for free from BandCamp right now where it includes a mediafire link as well.

Check This Band Below:


Both of these releases are on Replenish Records right now. And I am going to let the following articles tell you more.

"Replenish Records is an independent record label and distro based out of Washington, DC. We have a tremendous opportunity as musicians to share our ideas and our messages with not only our communities, but with the world as a whole.

This label was started to ensure that these ideas and that these messages are heard today, so that we can take action and make an impact tomorrow.

All of our releases will always be offered free for stream and download. We only ask that you help spread the contents of each download as far and as wide as humanly possible and support what these bands are doing for music."

Stream and download all our releases albums for free exclusively from our Bandcamp at

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