Thursday 19 April 2012


Doomdozer - Internal Impact

DoomDozer are an Industrial/Doom Metal Band from Ukraine.

DoomDozer play a great blend of Industrial Metal fused with Doom Metal vibes. They have released 3 brilliant albums all available for free download from Jamendo

2008 – Decomposition
2009 – Soul Solution
2012 – Internal Impact

These guys are heavy from the word go. If your into Ministry, NIN and other top-notch industrial based rock/metal then your going to really dig this great band. DoomDozer add a healthy dose of Doom/Death Metal to their music which is very hard to resist.

All 3 albums are superb. Each release is better than the last. All are brilliantly produced as well which will have you coming back for more.

Internal Impact is their best album yet. This is where the band have written their best work yet. They have even managed to include an outstanding cover of NIN classic “Hurt”.

DoomDozer have done their own brilliant original take on a classic song. Only a few bands and artists have succeeded in covering this song but DoomDozer have succeeded big time.

So do yourself a favour go over to Jamendo and download all their brilliant material now.

Highly Recommended.

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Check Out Their Brilliant Cover of NIN classic "Hurt".