Saturday 28 April 2012


Black Sea of Trees cover art

Northumbria is an Experimental Ambient Drone Metal Band from Toronto, Canada

The members are: Jim Field and Dorian Williamson

Northumbria is a brilliant Experimental Ambient Drone Metal band who have released their epic and amazing 13 minute track "Black See of Trees" for free download from BandCamp.

A brief history of this band is shown below:

"Toronto based ambient metal duo Northumbria was formed in 2011 by former Holoscene members Jim Field and Dorian Williamson. Using only guitar and bass mega amplified and recorded live, Northumbria create a wall of improvised drones that take the listener on a sonic journey through a dystopian landscape."

Well like I said their new song is epic. If your into Ambient Drone Metal then your going to love these guys. So get downloading now. Highly Recommended.

This is a taster to their forthcoming debut album being released this summer. If the songs are as good as this I can't wait to hear it. Amazing stuff.

Dorian emailed me this about their forthcoming debut album:

"Our debut is coming out this summer on Montreal based label TQA records and on vinyl through Manchester DIY label Heat Death records. We're also playing the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival this summer with our friends AUN, Theologian, Menace Ruine and thisquietarmy."

So get checking these hugely talented Drone Metallers now. Great stuff. Check Out their other excellent single "Sanctuary" as well from  BandCamp.