Friday 20 April 2012

Alpha Male Tea Party -S/T Review

Alpha Male Tea Party are a Math-Rock/Experimental Band from Liverpool, UK featuring the following members.

Tom Peters - Guitar
Dan Leadbetter - Bass
Greg Chapman - Drums

Bursting out with "Bakers Dozen " this album has immediate effect . Throbbing basslines propel the track forward while a combination of crushing riffs, intricate melody and a spacey feel help pack a mighty punch. It never relents, track after track of quality there isn't any filler here.

What sets AMTP apart from other groups is both their musicianship and also blending different elements together so well. "Its All About The Throat" features both shouted vocals reminiscent of Dananananaykroyd(now split Glasgow Nutters) and tripped out theremin  to super effect.
I had only heard one song before getting my mits on this album the fabulous titled "Depressingly Shit Lunchtime Sandwich" . Its probably the most catchy track on offer, but I found nearly all the album to be essential some tracks bettering the aforementioned . Most are heavier too but this still might not be everyones cup of tea(pardon the pun). If however you love off-kilter rhythms,innovative song writing and stunning musicianship this is for you. At times its hard to imagine how they keep pulling catchy riffs and melodies out the bag, but they do time and again

The majority of the tracks are instrumental but the occasional vocals add to the feel of the album. You can tell AMTP enjoy playing this music and it carries over making listening a hugely enjoyable experience. Songs like "Griff Rees Holmes" and "Jason Fucked The Argonauts" are guaranteed head nodders, relentless in delivery dazzling and infectious. Even the song titles put a smile on my face .

Liverpool has produced a few decent-ish bands in the past who achieved moderate success. Alpha Male Tea Party deserve plenty of success themselves and they are much more fun than the Beatles ever were. The album is available from 21st April from their Bandcamp on the link below. I highly recommend it.