Thursday 19 April 2012

TILTS - S/T Album Review

Self-Titled Cover Art

Tilts are a Hard Rock/Stoner Rock Band from USA

The dudes of Tilts have known each other a very long time. Long enough to be like brothers n' such. Features ex-members of Shame Club, Riddle of Steel, current members of Torche, and Blind Eyes among others.

The members are:

Andrew Elstner - Guitar/Vocals
Andy White - Guitar/Vocals
Ken McCray - Drums
Shawn Hart - Bass

Tilts are a Stoner Rock Band that mixes Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with a great fast and furious approach to their music. Tilts feel like the twisted party-going offspring of QOTSA, Thin Lizzy, Queen and Torche who know to have a great time.

With a stellar line up like that you know this band is going to be a fucking brilliant band. Well Tilts are that and more with plenty of attitude to match.

Tilts have just released their brilliant self-titled debut album. This is a 12 song collection of tracks which was funded by the Kickstarter project where people fund individual artistic projects. Well Tilts debut album is the result of this. And I most thank the people who funded this (including our very own PJSludge) as this album might never of been released.

The album is on for a rip-roaring 45 minutes or so. And its features some of the best riffs from a debut album I have heard this year. Tilts play their music with a great DIY Punk attitude that blends the bands mentioned before but all down in Tilts great in your face style.

Standout tracks include Mexiqo, Super Ultra Mega, Ozark Bowtie and my fave track – Strongbow. The album is brilliantly produced which blends Tilts fast-paced riffs and sublime vocals in perfect in-yer-face Stoner Rock bliss.

This album is one of the most likeable and hugely enjoyable rides you will hear all year or any year. The album left me with a huge smile on my face. It’s a collection of amazing songs and any of them could be potential hit songs that any top Stoner Rock Band would be proud to call their own.

I hope we see a lot of more of Tilts in the future as they are bunch of highly talented musicians that the world of Stoner Rock needs more of. 

I hope their drummer Ken makes a speedy recovery as well. Get back on those drums soon dude. Plus the other members had had their own recent troubles with illness and injury. Especially Andrew. Who has had rabies treatment for a bat pissing in his eye. No shit. I kid you not. Check it out. Made all the news over the web. 

How come a talented band like this is having this much bad luck and Justin Bieber is still fucking releasing shit music. No justice in the world.

Apologies I digress. As you can tell I love this album and have been listening to it non-stop the past week or so. We at Sludgelord all rate this album very highly. Brilliant!!!!.

You can buy this album from BandCamp on Digital Download or Vinyl. So get buying now.

Highly Recommended!!!

Check This Great Band Below.