Tuesday 24 April 2012


Sunken Ark Cover Art

Aquanaut is an Experimental Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Vancouver, Canda.

The members are:

Jamie Quast (bass)
David R (Guitars, Vox)
Keith Wecker (Organ)
Al Blood (Drums)

I have to thank great blog - A Distant Rumble for this one. Too good to turn down I had to include it on my own.

Aquanaut are an Experimental Stoner Metal Band blending Psychedelic, Doom, Ambient and Space Rock vibes into their music to take the listener into one crazy journey into the darkness of your mind.

They have released their amazing new album “Sunken Ark” available on  BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. This is a 4 song 44 minute epic ride that takes you on a unique journey of supreme heavy space psych stoner riffage with a great experimental vibe.

You can’t compare these guys to many bands around. They are a heavier and groovier version of Hawkwind and possibly Monster Magnet TAB era. If you like the sound of that then come on board as it’s a journey worth taking over and over again.

Each of the tracks run past the 9 minute to 10 minute mark. So you know your in for a wild ride into the vastness of space.

All of the four tracks are expertly played and produced. And this album shows a hugely talented band that would go down a storm on the live arena. Especially the Roadburn crowd.

Check out tracks like Sunken Ark, Flying Fortress and the 12 minute epic Galaxy Rider.

This is an outstanding album that I recommend you all check out now. The album is full of loud heavy far out there riffs that will have you begging for more. Its mind-expanding Stoner/Space-Rock of the highest order.

So get downloading now from  BandCamp. You won’t be sorry. Awesome Stuff.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below


Check Out The Epic "Galaxy Rider". Brilliant stuff.