Tuesday 17 April 2012


Kings Destroy are Stoner/Doom/Heavy Metal Band from Brooklyn

The members are:

Carl Porcaro / Guitar
Chris Skowronski / Guitar
Steve Murphy / Vocals
Rob Sefcik / Drums
Aaron Bumpus / Bass

Kings Destroy are a brilliant Stoner/Doom Metal band with Heavy Metal influences ranging throughout their hard-hitting music. They released their debut album "And the Rest Will Surely Perish" in 2010 to massive acclaim in the Stoner/Doom Metal Scene.

I bought this brilliant album. It's full of hard-hitting action packed Stoner/Doom Metal riffs to get your teeth stuck into.

Here is a great bio from their Facebook Page to tell you all you need to know.

"Kings Destroy, NYC’s hybrid of stoner rock, doom and hardcore, unites musicians from many of the genres’ most prolific bands. Hailing from the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, KD features guitarists Carl Porcaro and Chris Skowronski from legendary, 100k album selling ‘Killing Time’, vocalist Steve Murphy from ‘Uppercut’, drummer Rob Sefcik formerly of ‘Mans Ruin’, ‘The Begotten’, ‘Uppercut’ and ‘Electric Frankenstein’ and bassist Ed Bocchino of ‘Stanley’ and ‘Uppercut’. With influences like The Melvins, Yob and Cro Mags, KD describes their sound as “brutal Sabbath heaviness with hardcore outbursts and disturbed vocals verging on the demented.”

Well the guys are offering their debut album for free download from their Facebook "My Band" Page and ReverbNation Page. (OK only 7 of the songs are there but your still getting around 40 mins of brilliant free music. Plus Sanford Parker produced the album. So you know its going to be good).

The guys are touring with Rosetta. More details below;

"We are touring Europe for 3 weeks this July with Rosetta. This tour is centered around the Getaway Rock fest in Gavle, Sweden. Hydro-phonic records just issued the vinyl release of our debut. Our album can be downloaded for free on our Facebook page. We are playing Chaos in Tejas festival in June. Our show is Saint Vitus, Church of Misery, Hail Hornet,Kings Destroy, Magic Circle, The Gates of Slumber and Mammoth Grinder! The next night we play with Winter and Antisec"

Tour dates shown in poster below:

Kings Destroy are busy writing and recording their 2nd album as well. I fore one can't wait.

Read this interview on Temple Of Perdition to gain more info on this fucking great band.

Check This Great Band Below:

Check Out The awesome "The Whittler" from their excellent debut album.