Monday 16 April 2012


ABISALES is a stoner/psychedelic/space kick ass rock band from Argentina

I will let the description sent from the band themselves tell you all you need to know.

"We're ABISALES, instrumental duo (guitar and drums) from Argentina and we play stoner/psychedelic/space kick ass rock. The band formed in 2008, it started as a garage project but after a couple years we've decided to start playing gigs around our country and this years we're programming to records our first LP with ABSLS Records. 

About our sound, we've always tried to mix between those pure old school riffs with some new school, electronic influence, space and drone darkish arrengment. We're inspired in dark literature such as Gógol, Dostoievski, Arlt, Deleuze and Bataille: the conception on a broken, unborn, dead inside man who is lost in the deep -abisal- darkness of the oceans. The sounds emerge to surface, but only to fall down again with every wave change by the moon. With our music we paint the desolation that's configures in every nietzschean moment of extrapolation."

Well the band have kindly given me a link where you can download their latest release.  ABISALES Live Recordings (2011) - All you have to do is create a User Account and your good to go.

I have listened to their new release. ABISALES Live Recordings (2011) and its a great blast of Stoner/Psych/Space Rock riffs. It might not be the best produced release but its a great release to showcase this great band's talents.

Highly Recommended from our South American Friends. If you want to hear more check out their Soundcloud page.

These guys have the potential to release something special in the future. And I for one will be keeping an eye on them.

Check Them Out Now From The Links Below: