Thursday 26 April 2012

Horseback-Half Blood Review

Horseback have been making a habit of releasing excellent, mutli-genre music. Half Blood not only continues that trend but its my favourite release of theirs yet.
This is their first official new release for Relapse records who re-released their first two Ep's as a repackaged joint album The Gorgon Tongue

Half Blood is a glorious journey of psychedelic heavy music. At times its like being on a ride at an amusement park listening to Neurosis while tripped out on LSD.

Huge swirls of psychedelia contrasted with the almost death metal vocals making a real unique and engaging listen. At times sparse and atmospheric it never sits still, even the drone heavy and ambient three-part closer "Hallucigenia" provides enough movement and effects to hold your attention. My favourite track though is "Ajuna", relentless rhythm, folk-ish undertones and swirling guitars combine with some deranged vocals to stunning effect. Essential listening, but then that could be said of the whole album.
Half Blood should see Horseback gain more praise and followers, (rightly so) a prolific and multi-faceted band that have produced another of the year's highlights with "Half Blood". Horseback have outdone themselves here, sit back fasten your safety belts and enjoy the ride.

"Half  Blood" will be released through Relapse on May 8th(USA)/May 21st(UK), and is available to pre-order on the links below.