Friday 6 April 2012

The Great Sabatini - Matterhorn Review


The Great Sabatini is an Experimental Sludge Metal Band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The members are:

Steve Sabatini, Sean Sabatini, Rob Sabatini, Joey Sabatini 

The Great Sabatini play an intriguing blend of Sludge Metal mixing Doom, Stoner, Hardcore and even Ambient Rock to great effect.

These guys are a very rare beast indeed. Bringing something new and original to the Sludge Metal scene with a great DIY Punk Experimental vibe.

This band have a well deserved reputation in their local underground scene and its not hard to see why. The Great Sabatini just flat out rock in a great loud and angry way.

They have just released their amazing new record – Matterhorn on No List Records. It’s a 6 song and 28 minute blast highly original Experimental Sludge Metal which combines the genres listed above to great effect.

These guys play fast, heavy and loud sublime Sludge Metal on most of the tracks but do show their tender side on the 2:17 minute ambient driven track – “Invisible Door.” This acts more like a halfway point before the heavy riffs kick in once again.

All of the tracks are brilliantly produced and performed by all involved. You can hear every angry loud note played to maximum destruction.

The albums stand out track is the 10 minute epic “Sad Parade Of Yesterdays” which blends what has came before it but on a larger and wider scale. This song is the reason why this release is such an outstanding release to own.

It’s full of epic riffs that will leave you breathless at times. OK it would be great if there was a couple of more songs to make it slightly longer. But it’s a sign of a great band leaving you wanting more and not outstaying its welcome.

Running Time issues aside, this release as a whole shows why The Great Sabatini have the potential to become big stars of the underground scene. They mix the intensity and anger of CONVERGE with the technical prowess of early-era Mastodon but all done in a way that only The Great Sabatini can pull off.

Simply an outstanding and brilliant release from a great band that I want to hear more of in the future.

You can buy this release from No List Records and its highly recommended from ourselves at Sludgelord.


If you want to hear more before you buy then check their BandCamp Page where you check out all of their other great releases. It shows why I rate these talented Sludge Rockers so highly.

Check This Great Band Below: