Saturday 21 April 2012

Stoned Jesus - Seven Thunders Roar Album Review

Seven Thunders Roar Cover Art

Stoned Jesus are a Stoner Rock/Metal Band from Ukraine.

Stoned Jesus play a hypnotic blend of Stoner Metal with influences of Doom, Fuzz and 70’s Classic Hard Rock to spellbinding effect.

Stoned Jesus have just released their epic 5 song 50 minute album – Seven Thunders Roar. This is full of sublime modern Stoner Metal riffs blended in with Doom, Fuzz and 70’s Hard Rock.

It’s refreshing to see a Stoner Metal Band adding vibe from a great era of rock music and mix it with a modern day vibe.

Stoned Jesus released their debut "First Communion" release a couple of years ago to acclaim on the stoner underground scene. Well Stoned Jesus are back better than ever. The riffs are heavier and louder. The vocals is much more refined and the guys have written some great lyrics to match.

Opening Track – Bright Like The Morning gets this album off to a great start showcasing this band’s talent at playing epic Stoner Metal riffs that blends Doom, Fuzz and even psych rock to great effect.

The album is superbly produced and you can hear every riff played to superior heavy effect.

It has 5 great tracks to rock out all of an epic nature. The shortest track “Indian” is on for 5 minutes while the longest “I’m The Mountain” is on for a brilliant epic 18 minutes which showcases the bands talent to maximum effect.

This is the song where the band hit full stride and why I think they are another great band to lookout for. This is probably the band’s best song to date. It shows they are masters at blending the different genres to outstanding effect.

An absolute blast of a track with has more riffs you can imagine. This song is worth it for the purchase alone.

This is a great release from a brilliant band where you listen to on their BandCamp Page right now.

Highly Recommended.

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