Monday 16 April 2012

The End Of Six Thousand Years

Perpetuum Cover Art

The End Of Six Thousand Years are a Sludge/Black-Metal/Death-Metal Band from Italy

The members are:

The End Of Six Thousand Years are a very hard band to categorize. They incorporate many genres into their music such as Black, Death, Punk, Hardcore, Sludge, Post-Metal to brilliant and highly original effect.

I don't know what genre to call them. All I can say is they are a fucking brilliant loud, heavy and angry metal band you all need to check out.

They have two brilliant releases avialable from BandCamp for free download/Pay Anything You Want Deal right now.

2011 - 2011 Demo - 3 songs on for 14 mins.
2012 - Perpetuum - 9 songs on for 40 mins

The 2011 Demo is a great release and is a great introduction to this brilliant band. But its their latest album you need to check out. Perpetuum is a masterclass of Extreme Metal. Blending nearly every genre going to highly original effect.

This is an album that will leave you breathless at times. I have been listening it constantly over the last month or so. It truly is an outstanding album that I can't recommend highly enough.

Check out tracks like "Ophiuchus", "Lyra" and "Gemini". Brilliant tracks from a truly outstanding album.

The album is superbly produced and you can hear every loud note played to brutal perfection.

So get checking this great and now. This showcases another outstanding band coming from Italy.

Highly Recommended

Check This Great Band Below: