Friday 6 April 2012

Mos Generator - Deluxe Edition Review

Mos Generator are a Hard Rock/Stoner Rock band from Port Orchard, WA, USA

The members are:

TONY REED / guitar, vocals, keyboards (stone axe, treepeople, goodbye harry, twelve thirty dreamtime.
SHAWN JOHNSON / drums (x-mindfunk, twelve thirty dreamtime)
SCOOTER HASLIP / bass (artimus maximus, voodoo gearshift, saltine, twelve thirty dreamtime)

Mos Generator have been going since 2000 and have built a very respectable following and respect amongst the Hard Rock/Stoner Rock Scene.

They have released quite a few releases since they have formed and they have a formidable live reputation wherever they go.

Well its hard to believe I didn’t know much about this great band. I had heard of them sure but had I ever listen to a Mos Generator album. I am afraid not. Shame on me.

Well that is going to change as brilliant label Ripple Music have released a 10th anniversary edition of their landmark debut S/T album. The album has been remastered and has an extra CD of live tracks to rock out to.

Their debut album is true work of genius. Blending modern Stoner Rock Riffs with good old fashioned Hard Rocking Riffs. It’s a 17 song hard rocking monster of an album. Paying homage to great bands past and present but adding their own great take on Modern Hard Rock/Stoner Rock Music.

Its hard to believe this album is 10 years old as it feels fresh and stands upto today’s modern Hard Rock/Stoner Rock bands.

It has the perfect blend of 70s Based Rock Bands spliced with Modern Stoner Rock Riffs that will put a smile on your face in no time. Standout tracks include – “Sleeping Your Way To The Middle”, “F-1” and the amazing “Pentagramagraph” which is apparently a live fave of this great band.

The album is brilliantly produced and you can hear every note played to perfection. If you’re an old fan re-discovering some old classics or a new convert like myself you will find loads to enjoy here.

The added bonus for the die-hard fan is the live recordings that will have you head-banging in no time. A great bonus disc that make this package stand out from the rest of the crowd.

This album has made me a fan of this great band. So much so I have bought their entire back catalogue. This is hard rock/stoner rock of the highest order.

The guys are all brilliant musicians and know how to play a mean fine riff that will have you converted in no time. Its time for all of us to worship at the church ofMos Generator.

All in all a brilliant package for everyone to checkout for a true great Hard Rock Band. Awesome Stuff.

Highly Recommended. Available from all good stockists everywhere.

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