Thursday 19 April 2012

Sun Eater

Sun Eater Cover Art

Sun Eater is a Psych Stoner Rock Band from USA

The members are:

Kirby Lochner - Guitar
Ben Block - Bass/Vocals
Daniel Salas - Drums 

Sun Eater are influenced by the legendary Stoner Rock/Desert Rock scene. So if your into Kyuss, Fu Manchu and other bands like that then your going to dig this excellent band. As Sun Eater could easily come from that classic era of Stoner Rock/Metal.

These guys have already been featured on superb blogs Captain Beyond Zen and A Distant Rumble. I must thank the Captain for highlighting their superb S/T EP to me via Facebook. So thanks Captain. Owe you one.

Well the guys had actually emailed me as well round about the same time. So I will let their bio do the talking.

"Sun Eater is a psychedelic stoner trio from Tacoma, WA. Comprised of three college students between the ages of 19 and 20, Sun Eater is bringing a fresh sound to the psych rock genre with an emphasis on heavy riffs, intense guitar solos and quality. Founded in the Fall of 2011 by Ben Block and Kirby Lochner, they soon picked up Daniel Salas on the drums and the band has been the same ever since. With diverse musical backgrounds between the three members, Sun Eater is sure to turn heads with a strong, new sound. Working hard in the basement for the past six months they are finally ready to release their first debut EP, recorded at the band's home in Washington state."

What you get on their excellent S/T EP is 3 songs on for 20 minutes or so. Sun Eater do a lot with those 20 mins. They prove they are masterful musicians and can write a top-notch tune. As all 3 tracks are written and performed superbly well.

The production can be a little rough at time but that doesn’t take away the overall feeling of the EP’s power of highly charged atmospheric Stoner Rock/Desert Rock riffs.

Great work guys. You can download this brilliant EP here from  BandCamp or Mediafire which the band have kindly given to me. If you like what your hear head over to their Facebook Page and let them know what you think.

Highly Recommended!!!

Check This Great Band Below