Saturday 28 April 2012


TwinGiant are a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The members are:

Jarrod - Vocals/Bass
Nikos - Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals
Dave - Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals
Jeff - Drums

TwinGiant have been featured on this blog before where I stated they were a great band to look out for as they play some truly punishing hard-hitting riffs.

Well TwinGiant are back with their excellent debut album – Mass Driver – A 9 song almost 40 minute blast of sublime heavy-pounding Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs with superb bleak vocals to match.

Mass Driver is a fast and furious thrill ride that will have you head-banging from start to finish with the great riffs on show.

Opening Track – “Abduction” sets the scene modestly playing a mid-tempo instrumental song to set the scene. A great 2:30 minute introduction before the TwinGiant carnage starts off. A very cool Mastodonian type riff lurks in the dark underbelly of this great song.

Next up is “Awake In The Hull” which incorporates very groovy space-rock Sludge/Stoner Riffs with a dark atmosphere to it. This is the song that gives the true impression of the overall album. Brilliant riffs abound the TwinGiant juggernaut of an album. Check out the cool riffs around the 3 minute mark. Highly Impressive which comes out of nowhere?

If you’re into Mastodon, Thin Lizzy, Kylesa, Sleep and Baroness then TwinGiant will be right up your street. As they sound a perfect combination of these bands but with an extra added Space Rock vibe to stand out from the crowd.

Next up is “Burning Thru” which doesn’t deviate from the already winning formula they have already laid down. This has an excellent bass line driving through the song that makes it one of the album’s standout tracks and shows the bands talent off brilliantly well.

All of the songs are superbly put together. Great riffs, vocals and lyrics make this an album another standout in an already crowded room of brilliant Stoner/Sludge Metal records released in 2012.

TwinGiant don’t stick to one genre for too long. They play a great mix of all the genres that at times you feel they are duelling with each other.

Other great songs on this release are: H.I.S.M. and Blue Pale Dot. Both on for about 6 mins or so. These tracks are the two tracks will people get the most enjoyment from. Full of hard-hitting riffs and twisted vocals to match. Outstanding stuff.

The album is brilliantly recorded and produced. TwinGiant have come on leaps and bounds since their well received demo release. Mass Driver is an excellent album from a great band with hopefully a lot more things to come in the future.

Brilliant Stuff and Highly Recommended.

You can buy this release from BandCamp now on all available formats. I recommend you give this band a try if you want some Spacey, Cosmic and undeniably heavy and groovy at the same time.

Check This Great Band Below: