Thursday 26 April 2012

Tree Of Sores - A Cry Of Despair

Tree Of Sores are a Doom/Post-Metal band from Leeds, UK featuring the talents of the following members.

Ben - Drums
Joe - Bass
Matt - Guitar/Vox

Having been a big fan of their debut Ep which is still available Here , I was delighted to receive "A Cry Of Despair" to review. One track, clocking in at around half an hour is always an ambitious route to go, but Tree Of Sores pull it off with ease. "A Cry Of Despair", comes across as a flowing combination of two or three movements blended together and evolving naturally. Its stunning stuff, overall it retains the heaviness of  their debut but is at times less reliant on vocals instead a progression in dynamics and instrumentation is evident.

Starting out with crushing guitars and abrasive vocals a pounding rhythm soon is established leading to some haunting guitar work it sets the tone for more to follow. Tree of Sores must really be commended for the quality of this release. Every member excels to provide the listener with a stunning listening experience.

"A Cry Of Despair" takes a more subtle turn around the ten minute mark. A delicate riff builds with chiming momentum giving way to a brooding passage of density and euphoric greatness . Free of vocals, the music carries the song while maintaining the flow . It gives way to more atmospheric moments before gathering in pace again. Ending in brutal fashion with pummelling drums and layers of guitar, eventually fading out in drones of feedback and effects overall its an outstanding accomplishment Tree Of Sores can be proud of. Releasing a long one track. Ep of this quality that has direction and purpose is rare.

"A Cry Of Despair" is available through Witch Hunter records with pre-orders available now with immediate download included. Order on the link below.

Witch Hunter Records