Saturday 28 April 2012


Bipolar cover art

Geiser are a Sludge Metal Band from Arnhem-Nijmegen, Holland

The members are

Huibert der Weduwen - Bass
Daan Prins - Guitar
Gerben Elburg - Baritone Guitar
Yoran van Boheemen - Drums
Kars Penninx - Vocals

Geiser are an Experimental Sludge Metal Band mixing Stoner, Prog-Metal, Post-Metal to highly original effect. These guys have been featured on some of the great blogs already so I have decided to feature them as well. As they deserve as much exposure they can possibly get.

They have put up their excellent 2011 EP – Bipolar for free download from  BandCamp. This is a 5 song 30 minute brilliant blast of top-notch Experimental Sludge Metal.

The EP title is an appropriate title to match their brilliant music on show. It goes through the different genres at a truly great rate. These guys have an early Mid 90’s Neurosis vibe but still add their own unique vision with great vocals and riffs to match.

I am not going to say much more is download this brilliant release right now. It’s epic, loud and highly original to stand out from the crowd. So get downloading now.

Highly Recommended!!! And a great appetizer when this band releases their much anticipated debut album later in the year.

Check This Great Band Below: