Saturday 21 April 2012

Mother Corona - Out Of The Dust Review

Mother Corona are a Stoner Metal Band from Oxfordshire, UK.

The members are

Lee Cressey: Guitar
Daveo: Vocals/ Drums
Rob Glen: Bass 

Mother Corona’s music incorporates Desert Rock, Doom and lashings of great 90s Grunge vibes but all done in an irresistible modern Stoner Metal vibe.

This great band has been featured on this blog before where I raved on about their debut EP. Well the guys are finally back with their much awaited debut album – Out Of The Dust.

Out OF The Dust is an 8 song 54 minute blast of thrills and spills of excellent hard riffing that pays respects to great bands past and present such as Sabbath, Kyuss, Clutch and Alice In Chains.

You might think you have heard this type of music before but Mother Corona have a great talent at making this sound like a blast of fresh air. They put some fuzz based rock atmospherics into their music as well to stand out from the crowd.

Out Of The Dust has been a long time coming and it most has definitely been worth the wait. Starting off with the excellent 6 minute opener “Hedonistic King”. This song is a loud wall of Grunge/Stoner Metal riffs that sets the scene from the very first excellent chord.

Some really inspired lyrics make this song a winner from the word go. Play this song at full blast and lose your self in the world of Mother Corona.

The vocals are reminiscent of the late great Layne Staley at times but vocalist Daveo adds his own spin on things that is a compliment than a hindrance in the hands of any other vocalist.

Sun Scope is up next with another understated promising riff starting this song off before the normal business of heavy pounding drumming and riffs kicks in. Another great track to rock out to. This is where Mother Corona starting bringing other genres to the table. Mixing Desert, Stoner and Fuzz with the Grunge Heaviness going on. And it’s a winning combination that should have you hooked by now.

By now you should really be starting getting into the groove of this excellent album. Check the amazing riff around the 3 minute mark. This will have you head-banging in no time.

Next up is Sonic Tomb is another winning track from these hugely talented rockers. Starting off very slowly before exploding into a loud wall of sound with fast-paced riffs to drive the song through to its natural conclusion. This song has a standout sing-along chorus and probably the track which will get fans going on the live arena.

Another great track to show that Mother Corona are a serious band to contend with on the UK Stoner Underground scene. This album had me hooked by now. I knew I was listening to something special.

Cosmic is up next and shows the band in a more reflective quiet mood the first few moments. It starts off with a dreamy space psych rock riff before Mother Corona turn the amp upto 11 and play a devil screaming riff that comes out of nowhere. Never expected that at all. Great work on that song guys.

This is a 7:30 minute epic you will be reminiscing back to the good old days of mid 90s Grunge Rock/Stoner Metal ruled and the riff was truly king. This sounds like a love letter to Kyuss, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains but still sounds so damn fresh and original. Like I said before Mother Corona have a great talent at doing this.

The next 4 songs are superb tracks which shows the band’s talents superbly well. As before the riffs come thick and fast with some great lyrics & vocals to match.

Especially track 7 – Nuclear Winter. An 8 minute epic that features more top-notch stoner metal riffs but with a great low-tuned down-tempo performance from vocalist .. that adds a very haunting feel to proceedings. A perfect song for those winter blues before the heavy stoner metal riffs kick in big time.

Last track “Out Of The Dust” ends this album on a high to a case you will be pressing the play button to listen to this brilliant album over and over again.

The guys have even managed to include a cover of a brilliant doom metal song. But am not going to spoil anything.

Well as you can possibly tell I think this album is something special. It’s expertly produced and played by all involved. And shows why Mother Corona have an exciting career ahead of them. This album proves why they can be one of the UK’s Leading Lights in Stoner Metal for many years to come.

Check This Great Band Below: