Tuesday 24 April 2012

PIGS - You Ruin Everything - Review

You Ruin Everything Cover Art

PIGS are a Noise-Rock/Hardcore Punk/Sludge Metal Band from Brooklyn, USA

PIGS is a Brooklyn based band formed in 2008. Members are Jim Paradise (Freshkills, Players Club) on drums, Andrew Schneider (Slughog) on bass and Dave Curran (Unsane, Players Club) on Guitar.
Well you know this band means business with the amount of talent involved. And you know what. They do with a big capital FUCK YOU!!!

They have just released their outstanding debut album – “You Ruin Everything”. An 11 song 45 minute snarling masterpiece of heavy sludge driven angry Punk Hardcore/Noise Rock riffs. Available on the excellent Record Label - Solar Flare Records.

First track “Give It” flies out of the starting block with a heavy pounding drum beat before the hardcore punk/sludge driven riffs kick in with some top-notch anger filled vocals and lyrics to match. A great start to a great album.

Well the superb songs “Whitewash”, “Massive Operator Error” and “Drained” keep on coming showcasing a band that is very much at war with the world around them. And you know what. We want this band to win.

Their weapon of choice is their brilliant loud and angry music that packs an almighty emotional punch to it. If you want an album with a positive message this aint it. This is the soundtrack to the miserable bastard in us all.

This album is getting a lot of praise at the moment and it’s not hard to see why. This is an album that should be shown to the upcoming Hardcore Punk/Sludge Rock Bands on how to do a proper anger filled masterpiece of head-banging riffs. They have this nailed down to a fine art especially on the two-part masterpiece “At Least It’s An Ethos” Part 1 and Part 2.

This is where the guys show their most creative talents. Combining anger filled vocals and riffs with a hard-hitting social message as well. If you’re into the members respective bands or not this is an album you cannot ignore. This is one of the most truthful records I have heard since The United States Of Toil. (Another great Noise-Rock/Sludge/Punk Rock Band to check out).

This band deserves credit for telling it like how it is. You may not like what you hear but you cannot deny the powerful message this amazing band is trying to get across.

“You Ruin Everything” is the wake-up call for this musical generation and is a landmark release in the realm of Noise-Rock/Hardcore Punk music.

The album is expertly played and produced by all involved. Don’t be too surprised that this album will be showing up on many critics best of 2012 releases including mine.

Brilliant and highly recommended by all of us at Sludgelord. You cannot miss this album. It simply unmissable and a future classic in the making. Amazing!!!!.

You can buy this masterpiece from BandCamp for all digital needs and physical needs.

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Check Out The Awesome "Give It" by the mighty PIGS from their stunning debut album.