Monday 2 July 2012

ABSTRACTER - Tomb Of Feathers Review

Tomb of Feathers cover art

Abstractor are an Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Oakland, CA, USA.

The members are:

Ben - drums
Jose - bass
Robin - guitar
Mattia - throat

Abstracter are from the spiritual home of Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal – Oakland where legendary Post-Metallers Neurosis come from.

We all know what Neurosis did for the scene and the countless bands that have influenced them. Well it looks like we have another top-notch Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal band to thank Oakland for.

Abstracter are a band that blends Sludge, Doom. Hardcore, and Post-Metal to devastating effect. They have just released their excellent new album – Tomb Of Feathers.

A 3 song and 40 minute opus that shows a band you cannot afford to miss. Tomb Of Feathers is the real deal. It shows a great band with talent and vision who one day can be compared to their fellow Sludge Metal Icons.

The 3 songs on show here reveal a band with a true talent at writing epic long drawn emotionally charged Sludge/Post-Metal songs that challenge the mind and soul at the same time.

People might not say it’s the most original of sounds and the Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal genre has been done to death. I always disagree with that statement.

I always love how Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal bands challenge people’s perspective in the world they live in and the world around them. They make you think about things unlike other bands of different genres.

The songs are always epic in length and nature. This is what I love about the genre. It always challenging my perspectives. And that is what Abstracter are all about. Challenging one’s vision or view into something different.

“Walls That Breath” is a 11 minute epic that has the usual excellent long drawn out Ambient Post-Rock/Post-Metal riffs. But it has a wondrous nature to it that makes you think from the word go.

Next up is To Vomit Crows – A brilliant 12 minute plus song full of distorted vocals, ambient passages and intricate instrumental work that will leave your breathless. You feel at times this song goes on forever and you don’t want it to end.

The ambient textures and vocals add a subtle world-weary emotional feel that I have not heard expertly played so well since the early years of legendary band ISIS.

Abstracter save the best to last with Ash – A gigantic 19 minute blast of heavy pounding sounds that the band take time in building before delivering the final sonic heavy punch to floor your senses with.

This is where the band come into their own. Abstracter are a force of nature on this song. Fusing bleak distorted sounds and riffs battle against an backdrop of Ambient/Post-Rock vibes to portray a very unflinching song you will be emotionally drained from when the last pummelling riff has been played.

Tomb of Feathers might be uncompromising at times but its still a highly emotional rewarding experience to listen to. And one listen is never enough. This is an album you will be coming back to for many months and years to come.

The album is brilliantly produced and engineered which shows off this band’s talents to hard-hitting perfection. It’s another amazing Post-Metal album that has came out of nowhere to lay claim as one of 2012 best undiscovered releases.

This is a release from a band who I think will have a long rewarding career. This is a band that has taken one step to greatness. Tomb Of Feathers is a true standout album regardless of any genre. Amazing.

Tomb Of Feathers will be released physically at a later date.

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