Wednesday 18 July 2012

Akûma Are Back & Update

Akûma are a top-notch Experimental Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Mexico.

I originally featured this great band before back in Jan 2012. Well the guys emailed me recently with the latest on their excellent new EP - Fearless John. Available to buy from iTunes. Also available to listen to via Soundcloud.

It's another outstanding release from this great band who are becoming one of the best experimental Sludge Metal bands on the scene right now.

So keep up the excellent work guys. But these guys are not resting on their laurels. Far from it. They also told me about their forthcoming release schedule.

"This is a digital release but in a few weeks we'll release a split with Weedsnake (Mexican Stoner band) and we're preparing the release of another split with Purifier, a band from Europe which are our label mates at Magnetic Eye Records, we'll release this split with purifier in vinyl within a few months."

Plus they have a Vinyl Release with recent Sludgelord Faves - Summoner coming out very soon as well.

So this band will be very busy for the rest of 2012. Am really looking forward to the Split with Weedsnake. Another amazing Mexican Stoner Metal Band that I have featured before.

Check These Guys Below: