Saturday 14 July 2012


Burden Of The Noose are Stoner/Punk/Sludge Metal Band from Birmingham, UK

The members are:

Vocals:-Karl 'Poon' Lane
Guitar-Skot Cooper
Guitar & Backing Vocals:-Chris 'Chopper' Cherrington
Bass- dirty arse
Drums:-Keiron Rose

Burden Of The Noose are a brutal and heavy as fuck Stoner/Punk/Sludge Metal Band from Birmingham who have recently just started out. I promised them I would do an article on them. So Keiron kindly sent me the following info.

"Were a 5 piece hailing from birmingham. 2 guitars,1 bas vox and myself on drums. We formed  in February 2012 and have had a few local gigs just to get the name around. in april we recorded a 5 track live ep titled 'well hung' weve subsequently uploaded 3 of the 5 onto our youtube page.

I'm in the process of gettin a small uk tour together with plans to do a vinyl split release with another european band and get out on tour into europe in the new year.

Before we got in the studio together we didnt really know what our sound would sound like,so it was all a bit exciting but now we've found our sound i think were best to describe it as stoner/sludge/punk.

We have the slow sludgy doomy riffs,then we also combine that with hardcore punk beats. It seems to work for us and i think weve found what suits us.

We ideally wanna do as much gigging as possible outside of bham,and if you can help us spread the noose name then thatd be great."

Check These Guys out in action here.

These guys have huge potential to release something special. Heck I am not the only one. Head over to this link and look who left a comment for the band.

"cheers from DOPETHRONE))) MTL CANADA!!!!!!!

you guys take us to the swamps with the heavy sludge at first and upgrade the violence with some D-beat crust ending... death metal vox.. good mix of styles!!, great sound quality too... ..a little more "moving around" wouda made the video better, considering the brutality of the sound, but overall, I give it a good 8.5/10


So if these guys get the thumbs up from the mighty fucking DOPETHRONE you know these guys have potential.

I can't wait to see what these guys release as their first release as I will be all over this one.

Check This Great Band Below: