Saturday 14 July 2012


You already know at Sludgelord we are massive fans of Adrift For Days and their amazing new album Come Midnight.

Plus I recently interviewed Lachlan and Mick from this great band.

Well over the last couple of days this brilliant band have decided to give the album away for free right now on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

All of the great blogs are now picking up on this and are advising other people to do the same. You need to download this masterpiece now. As it's my fave record of 2012.

It's a classic in the making. It's getting rave reviews all over the place and it's not hard to see why. It really is a brilliant album for you to own. Plus their brilliant debut album - The Lunar Maria is up for free download now.

This is 2.5 hours of brilliant drone out fuzz sludge/stoner/doom post-metal brilliance that you cannot afford to ignore.

Just do it now. You won't be sorry.

Check This Great Band Below