Wednesday 18 July 2012


BEAR FIGHT! are a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Savannah, USA.

The members are:

Matt - Guitar/Vocals
Jeff - Guitar/Vocals
Christian - Guitar
Colin - Bass/Vocals
Lee - Drums/Beard

BEAR FIGHT! are from the Capital of the new breed of Sludge/Stoner Rock - Savannah. Home to great bands such as Baroness, Kylesa, Black Tusk.

Well BEAR FIGHT! are another band to add to that list. As these guys are pure FUCKING AWESOME. Plain and Simple.

They recently had their CD Release show where members of the above bands were in attendance to witness these guys play. And apparently these guys fucking rocked the joint.

Well their new album "GNARMAGEDDON" is an 8 song and 30 minute collection Sludge Rock Great Tunes. Imagine if Baroness, The Sword, Mastodon, Thin Lizzy and Torche decided to get together for one mega crazy jamming session well "GNARMAGEDDON" would be the brilliant result.

OK its not the most original of things but you know what BEAR FIGHT! makes it so damn original and they have a brilliant time playing their music.

I love this album. I loved it from the first listen on BandCamp. So much so I bought it there and then. So Fuck It. I am biased but when the music is this great you need to check these guys out.

The album is full of 8 brilliant tracks such as GNARMAGEDDON, Bear Hands, He Said and my fave track BeerWulf.

BeerWulf is the finest Sludge/Stoner Metal song I have heard this year. Full of great riffs and vocals to match. Wait till the 2nd minute when the song throws down a brilliant Psychedelic Sludge Riff that comes out of nowhere that takes this song from great to classic all in one go. It has a riff that Mastodon/Baroness would be proud to call their own. A brilliant track from a truly outstanding album.

BEAR FIGHT! are getting a great vibe in their home town and it won't be long before these guys are appearing on bigger stages with some of their heroes and fellow bands from their home town.

There are no hardcore based vocals with recent Sludge/Stoner Metal acts just great clean grizzled vocals you will appreciate from the start.

The album is on the right length of 30 minutes. Anything longer would just take that BEAR FIGHT magic away. This is the perfect Sludge/Stoner Metal album to brighten up those long Summer Nights.

Just put GNARMAGEDDON on full blast and it will leave you with a great vibe all the way through.

GNARMAGEDDON shows these guys are amazing musicians in their own right and shows what a great collective unit they are, You can tell from this album these guys will be awesome on stage.

GNARMAGEDDON is brilliantly produced and is possibly one of the best sounding debut albums I have heard this year.

I know a lot of people are disappointed with Baroness's latest album - Yellow & Green (Not me as I loved it). If you want something to restore your faith in the Savannah Sludge Rock scene then check these guys out. You won't be disappointed. They have the potential to be your new favourite band.

Well I have gone on like an emotional idiot for far too long about BEAR FIGHT! - Look this album is fucking brilliant and blows the competition out of the water.

I can't recommend it highly enough. It's brilliant. Just headover to BandCamp and buy this outstanding album right now. 

Amazing. End Of.

Check This Great Band Below: