Saturday 28 July 2012


Split Akûma/Weedsnake cover art

Akûma is a Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Mexico

The members are:

-xVâlx: Guitarra, bajo, ruido, eco espacial, claves, feedback, vox.
-xFâbriziox: Bateria, aullidos, groove.
-xwôntx: Guitarra, eBow, bajas frecuencias, feedback, bajo, ruido, disonancias, invocaciones, gritos, sonoridades, discordancia. 

Weedsnake is a Stoner Metal Band From Mexico

The members are:

Rockers - Vox
Etziel - Guitar
Pope - Bass
Vainillo - Drums

Two of the finest Mexican Stoner/Sludge Metal Bands have got together and released one of the finest split releases I have heard this year.

Both of these bands have been on this blog before. Akûma and WeedSnake. They both have a lot of fans on this blog and it's not hard to see why. These guys both fucking rule in their own unique way.

Well the guys have got together and have released their brilliant S/T split album. Which features 2 tracks by each band.. All of the songs are brilliant tracks you need to check out now on BandCamp.

Omar from Akûma recently told me this about this great release - "We're trying to put Mexican Stoner Metal onto the map, we don't want people to think Mexico as a country full of violence and corruption, we are doing our part to change that image of our nation with the music that we do"

A great release from two truly brilliant bands trying to do something really special with their music.

The bands are trying to find someone to release this great record on Vinyl and other physical releases. Digital Releases will be coming at a later date.

Amazing. End Of. Highly Recommended.

Check Akûma from the link below:


Check Weedsnake from the link below.