Sunday 8 July 2012


EGGNOGG are a Psych/Sludge/Doom/Stoner/Grunge Power Trio from Brooklyn, NY

The members are

Bill O'Sullivan
Justin Karol
Ryan Quinn

EGGNOGG are one of my fave underground bands of recent years. They play a brilliant mixture of Stoner/Doom/Grunge/Sludge Rock with a great psych vibe.

They totally blew me away with their 2011 2nd album - Moments In Vacuum which I reviewed here.

Well the guys are back with a new EP - Louis. A blistering 4 track EP which runs for about 26 minutes or so. This is probably EGGNOGG;s most stripped back release to date. It's still heavy but its more earthly and organic than their previous great releases.

I did love the 4 tracks on show here especially the two epic tracks - Baras Mogg and The Squid/The Fandangler which both run past the 8 minute mark.

These tracks show the old EGGNOGG magic of playing hypnotic riffs that don't fit into any one genre but a mixture of all of them. The vocals are impressive as ever with great lyrics to match.

As stated before it's more a stripped back affair compared to their previous efforts. I did miss some of the distorted guitar effects they had on their last great album. But I do like it when a band experiments more with their sound. And EGGNOGG are past masters of this.

Not one of their releases sounds like the one that has came before it. A truly forward thinking band and Louis proves that EGGNOGG are one of the best kept secrets in underground music today.

All in all a superb release from a brilliant band who are going to be releasing their long awaited 3rd album via the Kickstarter Project later in 2012. I can't wait for that one to hit.

Highly Recommended. You can buy all of EGGNOGG's releases on excellent label Palaver Records

Check This Great Band Below: