Wednesday 11 July 2012


white light and the empire collapse - free download cover art

The Cruelest Animal is a brilliant Metal Band from Los Angeles, USA.

The Cruelest Animal transcend so many different genres they really are hard to categorize. Doom, Post-Rock. Noise-Rock and Hardcore are just some of the categories you can consider them as.

Well I will let the guys do the talking about their great band.

"Here's a few words about us:

The Cruelest Animal is a project developed by two seasoned LA musicians in collaboration with talented friends, including members of the bands Intronaut, The Great Wall and Bear Baiting. Although we are a live band, the idea behind TCA Is to create music in the studio without worrying about how to recreate it in a live situation. That premise has opened the door for collaboration and experimentation.

"white light and the empire collapse" is the first ep by The Cruelest Animal. It entangles heavy yet melodic songs with spacy interludes and abstract political / social themes. Upon hearing it, people have had a tendency to refer to it as a song. That is how it is meant to be experienced. Although it’s divided into 8 separate tracks, white light is really a single piece of music that morphs and transitions through different states of mood and mind.

Here is what one fan had to say:
"Just listened to the EP. It gave me diarrhea, a semi, and the urge to throw a brick through the window of a Bank of America."
(we're taking it as a compliment)

"white light and the empire collapse" can be downloaded for free at"

You read that description. Their brilliant new release- White Light And The Empire Collapse features members from Intronaut, The Great Wall and Bear Baiting.

Look you know with this talent involved this release is going to be great. And it is. Full of top-notch breakneck riffs with great vocals to match.

So headover to the bands official website or Bandcamp Page and get downloading now. As it's available on Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. Fucking Brilliant Stuff and Highly Recommended.

Check out Great Tracks like - "The Tongue Eating Louse" and "Radioactive Sun Fire".

Brilliant Stuff.

Check This Great Band Below: