Wednesday 11 July 2012


Baroness - Yellow & Green

Well Sludge Metallers Maestros - Baroness - are back after a 3 year absence with their new album and a double album at that. Yellow & Green. (18 tracks and runs for 75 mins).

Has it been 3 years since Baroness released their much lauded and critically acclaimed masterpiece - The Blue Record.

If people are expecting the angrier vibes of 2003 classic - Red Album and head-banging Sludge Riffage of Blue Record are going to sorely be disappointed. Yellow & Green is what you would call Baroness's Pop Album or Experimental album.

This album is going to divide their fan base. They will get a lot of new fans but will also lose a few fans as well. So what do we have here. Yellow & Green is their most creative and experimental album to date incorporating genres of music they haven't fully touched upon before.

Yellow & Green shows how Baroness has evolved into something else from their last great record. They bring in 70's Prog-Rock, Electronica and a hint of Psychedelic Rock as well.

Yellow is more the closest to Blue Record with it's style of Sludge Rock brimming all the way through that album's 9 songs and almost 40 minute running time. Yellow is where people find Baroness of old but still incorporating great experimental sonic vibes that make it a blast from start to finish.

Standout tracks include - March To The Sea, Twinkler, Cocanium. and the majestic EULA.

Green is where the guys throw a caution to the wind attitude and it pays off brilliantly. It's more mellow than Baroness have ever been with sombre riffs and vocals & lyrics to match. But with a great experimental vibe to this side of this brilliant album.

Tracks like Board Up The House, Mtns. (The Crown & Anchor), Collapse and Psalms Alive (My Fave Track on the album) coming across as a band blending 70's Arena Rock with a great Sludge Progressive Rock undertone.

If you want to hear how Baroness blend of Sludge Rock sounds like with Electronica music then here is your chance. This shows that the guys are not afraid to take risks with their already winning formula. This is music to challenge the mind and soul to.

Green still rocks with a big FUCKING ROCK but it's the less chaotic rock to Yellow's balls to the wall Sludge Rock we all love Baroness for.

Baroness do deserve credit for doing something different. I feel this is an album that Baroness needed to make to get away from the Mastadon/Baroness/Kylesa imitators that are starting to show up.

Yellow & Green is Baroness's war-cry to upcoming bands to say OK - We have done our Progressive Sludge Rock for the time being. Now listen to our more crazier experimental side. See what you can do. Ball is in your court.

The album as you would expect is brilliantly produced and shows the new side to Baroness to perfection. The vocals and instrumental work are played to an amazing standard which most bands will not reach in their entire careers.

Baroness have delivered a masterpiece of modern Hard Rock/Sludge Rock incorporating many genres they haven't touched upon. We should be applauding Baroness for taking the risk in delivering something different that people were not expecting.

It worked with Mastodon with Crack The Skye and The Hunter. Two of the best albums released in the last few years or so.

Baroness have taken a massive risk and gamble with Yellow & Green. But I think Yellow & Green is a success on all counts. OK it might alienate some of their fan base but this album could have the potential in many years to come to be considered Baroness masterpiece and best work to date.

I am still torn to say which album I love the most. Blue Record or Yellow & Green. A couple of weeks ago I would of said Blue Record but Yellow & Green has me saying different things for the time being. Just for the sheer scope and creativity of it all.

And that's the beauty of this album. It challenges what has came before it and for me that is what music is all about.

A defining album from one of Sludge Metal's genre defining band's. Baroness have delivered a masterpiece they should rightly be proud of.

Another candidate for one of 2012 best records. Highly Recommended.

Yellow & Green will be available to buy from all good stockists on July 17th.