Sunday 8 July 2012


Amplified Harmonics cover art

RUKE is a Progressive Doom/Folk Metal Solo Artist from the UK who I featured back in April 2012.

Well Morgan aka RUKE has recorded another brilliant fucked-up out-there album that is even more crazy and insane than his last great album.

I will let Morgan tell you himself what he has been upto since then.

"Thought I'd get in touch as I have a new release under the RUKE name, but it's a bit different from the 'Heavy Ukulele' EP... and thought you guys might give it a punt.

​The short story is that I was all poised to record the follow up to 'Heavy Ukulele' this weekend, when I bust my uke! Upon closer inspection, it's a broken solder, which I should be able to fix myself. So being all set up to record this weekend, I picked up the harmonica, and messed that up instead! Think Sunn O))) meets Demain Johnston, via Earth, and it's sort of there! I call it experimental drone harmonica, and I'm quite chuffed with it. I don't know if it fits into Sludgelord's realm, but I figured you guys would get where I'm coming from on this one... Again, the sounds just came out and felt right."

Well you know what "Amplified Harmonics" is a great album if you want something different to listen to. Morgan deserves credit for doing something so different.

It's a 6 song and 40 minute blast of weird ambient noises mix.blending Noise, Drone, Metal all done in a great fucked up experimental vibe.

This is for the avant-garde ambient noise rock fan out there. Some people will turn this off straight away but I loved its insane vibe and RUKE is one crazy individual.

If you like what you hear then head over to BandCamp right now as it's available on Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

Great Stuff and Highly Recommended if your into something different.

Check This Great Artist Below;